Chapter 7. Reference

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Command line options
About: Options
Command ID's
Accelerator Definition File
Menu Definition File
Toolbar Definition File
Macro Language
K-Meleon Specific Preferences
Mozilla Preferences

K-Meleon is most of all very configurable and extendable. What can be configured from the graphical user interface, the check boxes and radio buttons of the preferences dialog box, is only a small fraction on what can be controlled. By editing the configuration files directly you get a bigger set of preference to alter, you can also change the contents of menus and toolbars, and you can write macros to extend the functionality or automate tasks. On top of this it is easy to write a new plugin or let an external program control the browser.

Command line options

Running K-Meleon with no arguments will open a new browser window using the default profile and load that profile's default new-page. However, it is possible to start K-Meleon with another profile or another first page.

k-meleon.exe [-chrome] [-profilesDir {$appdata | directory}] [-P {mostrecent | profilename}] [url]


If the browser window hosting chrome or content.

-profilesDir $appdata

-profilesDir directory

-P mostrecent

Bypass the profile selection and start K-Meleon with the most recently used profile.

-P profilename

Bypass the profile selection and start K-Meleon with the selected profile, profilename.


Opens K-Meleon with url as the first page.