If you have previously installed K-Meleon, make sure to uninstall the prior version before continuing the installation for this version.

Go to the location where you saved the kmeleon06.exe file and double-click the file to start the Setup process. At any time in the process you need to stop the K-Meleon installation, click on the Cancel button.

When the License Agreement appears, read the license information. Click on Next to continue the installation.

K-Meleon Installer

Setup next provides you with a list of Installation Options.

There are two types of installation Standard and Custom. In the Standard installation, most of the options are set to install or are enabled by default. The Standard installation is selected by default. Most users will want to leave the Standard components and settings enabled

You also have the option of doing a Custom installation. Setup requires you to install the K-Meleon browser. All other components and settings available through Setup are optional. A description of some of the components is available in the FAQ. If you wish to remove a component through Setup, uncheck the box listed next to the option. If you choose not to install a component, it can not be re-enabled in the browser so consider the impact of not selecting items. You can also disable components through the browser after it has been installed.

When you have completed reviewing all of the components and settings, click on Next.

Setup will indicate the location where it will install K-Meleon. Typically, it will install in C:\Program Files\K-Meleon. If you would like to install K-Meleon in another location, use the Browse button to locate the directory where you would like K-Meleon installed. When you are ready to continue, click on Next.

Setup will now copy over the necessary files for K-Meleon. A screen will display the files being copied onto your computer.

When the installation process is completed, Setup will close and K-Meleon will launch to display a Read Me file. A short-cut for K-Meleon will also be available on your desktop, if you enabled that in the Installation Options.