Running K-Meleon

K-Meleon can be started either by double clicking the icon on the desktop, or by selecting it from the start menu. (Look for the green lizard icon)

Locate bookmark files

The first time you run K-Meleon you might be presented with one or two dialog boxes asking you questions. If you have installed the plugins for Netscape bookmarks or Opera hotlists you can decide whether to share your saved links between your earlier browser or start anew. K-Meleon can either create a new bookmarks or hotlist file or let you locate where your current file is.

Choose a profile

The "Manage Profiles" window may also appear when starting K-Meleon after the first time.

Profiles enable you to have different settings and configuration (like how K-Meleon looks and acts) as well as separate bookmarks/favorites/hotlist for the different users or people who may be using K-Meleon.

You can use the new, rename and delete buttons to add, change or remove the names of the people who will be using K-Meleon. Then whenever K-Meleon starts the user would just click on his/her name, and then click ok to load K-Meleon with that user's settings.

If however you don't want different settings for different users, or you are the only person that will be using K-Meleon, you can uncheck the "ask at startup" box, and then click Ok. This will prevent the profiles window from appearing at startup. You can still reach the profiles manager from within K-Meleon; under the Edit menu.