Under the Configs tab you find all the configuration files that K-Meleon uses. Here you can configure all what can also be done from the other tabs, and a lot more. This is for the experts.

Figure 4-6. Configure Configs




K-Meleon uses its own specific preferences as well as some from Mozilla. Many of these preferences can be accessed directly through the browser interface under Edit - Preferences. There are some preferences that are not directly accessible through the interface. In some cases, advanced users and administrators may want to control these preferences in order to modify the behavior of K-Meleon. Normally, all of K-Meleon's preferences are listed in the file prefs.js which can be accessed under Edit - Preferences - Configs - Prefs.

Settings follow one of the following formats:
  user_pref("Preference Name","string value");
  user_pref("Preference Name", numerical value);
  user_pref("Preference Name", boolean value);

Note: It is often needed to restart K-Meleon to have the preferences added or modified reflected in K-Meleon.

Preference References

Preferences used by K-Meleon include those specific to K-Meleon only and those that are defined by Mozilla. The following links list some of these preferences that are available for use.