Chapter 4. Configuration

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In the 'Display' dialog, you can control what is displayed when K-Meleon starts up, as well as what is displayed in any new windows you open (such as with Ctrl+N). You may also choose a background image for the toolbars, or disable the background image.

Figure 4-1. Configure Display

Home Page:

Your home page is the first page viewed when K-Meleon is started. A home page can either be an Internet web page or reside on a local hard drive.

See the preference kmeleon.general.homePage.

When K-Meleon starts, display:

Choose here whether to display a blank page, or the URL selected in 'Home Page:' when K-Meleon first starts up.

New windows should display:

Choose here what to display in new windows after K-Meleon starts up. You can choose to display a 'Blank Page', the 'Home Page', the 'Current Page' of the old window, or you can choose 'URL' and specify any page you'd like.

Toolbar Background Image

This is where you provide the path to a BMP file to be used for the background image for the toolbars, or uncheck the box to disable background images.