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Command IDs

ID_APP_ABOUT Command Name = appAbout

Opens the 'About K-Meleon' dialog.

ID_APP_EXIT Command Name = appExit

Terminates K-Meleon.

ID_CLOSE_ALLOTHERTAB Command Name = tabCloseAllOther

Only 1.5 and later. Close all other tabs but not current active tab.

ID_CLOSE_ALLTAB Command Name = tabCloseAll

Only 1.5 and later. Close all tabs.

ID_CLOSE_TAB Command Name = tabClose

Only 1.5 and later. Close current active tab.

ID_COOKIE_PERM Command Name = openCookiesPerm

Only 1.5 and later. Open Cookie Manager dialog.

ID_COOKIES_VIEWER Command Name = openCookies

Only 1.5 and later. Open Cookies Viewer dialog.

ID_COPY_IMAGE_CONTENT Command Name = editCopyImage

Copies the image to clipboard.

ID_COPY_IMAGE_LOCATION Command Name = editCopyImageLocation

Copy image location to the clipboard.

ID_COPY_LINK_LOCATION Command Name = editCopyLinkLocation

Copy link location to the clipboard.

ID_EDIT_CLEAR Command Name = editClear

Delete the selected text.

ID_EDIT_COPY Command Name = editCopy

Copy selected text to the clipboard.

ID_EDIT_CUT Command Name = editCut

Cut out the selected text. (Copy selected text to the clipboard before deleting it.)

ID_EDIT_FIND Command Name = editFind

Open the search dialog.

ID_EDIT_FINDNEXT Command Name = editFindNext

Search forward.

ID_EDIT_FINDPREV Command Name = editFindPrev

Search backward.

ID_EDIT_PASTE Command Name = editPaste

Paste in the text from clipboard.

ID_EDIT_REDO Command Name = editRedo

Since 1.5.2 version. Redo the latest changes.

ID_EDIT_SELECT_ALL Command Name = editSelectAll

Select all text.

ID_EDIT_SELECT_NONE Command Name = editSelectNone

Clear the selection.

ID_EDIT_UNDO Command Name = editUndo

Undo the latest changes.

ID_FILE_CLOSE Command Name = windowClose

Close the open file.

ID_FILE_OPEN Command Name = fileOpen

Bring up the open file dialog.

ID_FILE_PRINT Command Name = filePrint

Open the print dialog.

ID_FILE_PRINTPREVIEW Command Name = filePrintPreview

Enter print preview mode. Select again to leave.

ID_FILE_PRINTSETUP Command Name = filePrintSetup

Opens the page setup dialog.

ID_FILE_SAVE_AS Command Name = saveAs

Open the 'Save as ...' dialog.

ID_FILE_SAVE_FRAME_AS Command Name = saveFrameAs

Open the 'Save as ...' dialog to save selected frame.

ID_FONT_DECREASE Command Name = pageFontDecrease

Decrease the font size.

ID_FONT_INCREASE Command Name = pageFontIncrease

Increase the font size.

ID_FULLZOOM_DECREASE Command Name = pageZoomDecrease

Only 1.6 and later. Zoom out page.

ID_FULLZOOM_INCREASE Command Name = pageZoomIncrease

Only 1.6 and later. Zoom in page.

ID_HIGHLIGHT Command Name = editFindHighlight

Only 75 and later. Toggle highlighting of found items? in Edit Find.

ID_IMAGE_PERM Command Name = openImagesPerm

Only 1.5 and later. Open Image Manager dialog.

ID_LINK_ABOUT_PLUGINS Command Name = goAboutPlugins

Display installed plugins list.


Go to the K-Meleon FAQ online.

ID_LINK_KMELEON_FORUM Command Name = goForum

Go to the K-Meleon forums.

ID_LINK_KMELEON_HOME Command Name = goHome

Go to the K-Meleon home page.

ID_LINK_KMELEON_MANUAL Command Name = goManual

Go to the K-Meleon online documentation.

ID_MATCH_CASE Command Name = editFindMatchCase

Only 75 and later. Toggle match case in Edit Find.

ID_MANAGE_PROFILES Command Name = openManageProfiles

Open the profiles manager/selector.

ID_MAXIMIZE_WINDOW Command Name = windowMaximize

Since 1.5.3 version. Maximize K-Meleon active window.

ID_MINIMIZE_WINDOW Command Name = windowMinimize

Since 1.5.3 version. Minimize K-Meleon active window.

ID_NAV_BACK Command Name = navBack

Go back one page.

ID_NAV_FORCE_RELOAD Command Name = navForceReload

Reload current page without cache query.

ID_NAV_FORWARD Command Name = navForward

Go forward one page.

ID_NAV_GO Command Name = navGo

Go to URL.

ID_NAV_HOME Command Name = navHome

Go to home page.

ID_NAV_RELOAD Command Name = navReload

Reload current page.

ID_NAV_SEARCH Command Name = navSearch

Calls the search dialog. See the preference for kmeleon.general.searchEngine

ID_NAV_STOP Command Name = navStop

Stop loading.

ID_NEW_BROWSER Command Name = windowNew

Open a new browser window.

ID_NEW_TAB Command Name = tabNew

Only 1.5 and later. Open a new tab.

ID_OFFLINE Command Name = navOffline

Only 1.5 and later. Toggle browser online/offline.

ID_OPEN_FRAME Command Name = openFrame

Opens the selected frame.

ID_OPEN_FRAME_IN_BACKGROUND Command Name = openFrameInBackground

Opens the selected frame in a new background window.

ID_OPEN_FRAME_IN_BACKGROUNDTAB Command Name = openFrameInBackgroundTab

Only 1.5 and later. Opens the selected frame in a new background tab.

ID_OPEN_FRAME_IN_NEW_TAB Command Name = openFrameInNewTab

Only 1.5 and later. Opens the selected frame in a new tab.

ID_OPEN_FRAME_IN_NEW_WINDOW Command Name = openFrameInNewWindow

Opens the selected frame in a new window.

ID_OPEN_LINK Command Name = openLink

Opens the active link in the current browser window.

ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_BACKGROUND Command Name = openLinkInBackground

Opens the active link in a new browser window placed in the background.

ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_BACKGROUNDTAB Command Name = openLinkInBackgroundTab

Only 1.5 and later. Opens the active link in a new tab in the background.

ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_TAB Command Name = openLinkInNewTab

Only 1.5 and later. Opens the active link in a new tab in the foreground.

ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_WINDOW Command Name = openLinkInNewWindow

Opens the active link in a new browser window placed in the foreground.

ID_PASSWORDS_VIEWER Command Name = openPasswords

Only 1.5 and later. Open Passwords Viewer dialog.

ID_POPUP_PERM Command Name = openPopupsPerm

Only 1.5 and later. Open Popup Manager dialog.

ID_PREFERENCES Command Name = openPrefs

Opens the preference/configuration panel.

ID_RESTORE_WINDOW Command Name = windowRestore

Since 1.5.3 version. Restore the previous size of the K-Meleon active window.

ID_SAVE_IMAGE_AS Command Name = saveImageAs

Save an image.

ID_SAVE_LINK_AS Command Name = saveLinkAs

Save a link.

ID_SELECT_URL Command Name = editSelectUrl

Select the text of the URL.

ID_TAB_LAST Command Name = tabLast

Only 1.5 and later. Go to previously selected tab.

ID_TAB_NEXT Command Name = tabNext

Only 1.5 and later. Go to next tab.

ID_TAB_PREV Command Name = tabPrev

Only 1.5 and later. Go to previous tab.

ID_TOGGLE_WINDOW Command Name = windowToggle

Since 1.5.3 version. Toggle window size to maximized of the K-Meleon active window.

ID_TOOLBARS_LOCK Command Name = toolbarsLock

Locks the toolbars from being moved manualy.

ID_VIEW_FRAME_INFO Command Name = viewFrameInfo

Display frame info in cache.

ID_VIEW_FRAME_SOURCE Command Name = viewFrameSource

View the frame source.

ID_VIEW_IMAGE Command Name = viewImage

View an image.

ID_VIEW_PAGE_INFO Command Name = viewPageInfo

Display page info in cache.

ID_VIEW_SOURCE Command Name = viewSource

View page source.

ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR Command Name = viewStatus

Toggle statusbar.

ID_VIEW_TOOLBAR Command Name = viewToolbar

Toggle toolbar.

ID_WINDOW_NEXT Command Name = windowNext

Switch to next browser window.

ID_WINDOW_PREV Command Name = windowPrev

Switch to previous browser window.


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