K-Meleon is developed as a Free Software / Open Source project. The full source code is available for everyone to download from the K-Meleon home page. Whoever feels that something is missing in the program is invited to help the project by adding that missing piece. All developers are volunteers, working on the parts they care for. The work is done during spare-time. No one is payed to work on this project.

Bug Reports and Requests For Enhancements are accepted, but since developers first work on the parts they feel are the most important or interesting themselves, it might take a while before your issue is addressed by anyone. If a bug gives you an itchy feeling you are more than welcome to start scratch. Once you are done everyone will benefit from it.

Development of an application is, of course, not only about writing source code. It is as much about writing documentation, testing new builds, finding new bugs, house-keeping the bug tracking system, and creating art works. This makes every user a potential developer!

Please consider to contribute to the kmeleon project.


The full source of K-Meleon is kept in a versioning systen at a central server. The CVS repository is world readable, but only the developers have write access to it. You can check-out any revision from it (not only full versions), and you can see the changes made each time. For the curious without a CVS client there is a web interface to the CVS accessable from the K-Meleon project page.

kmeleon-dev Mailing List

All developers gather around the kmeleon-dev mailing list to discuss and coordinate their work. Everyone interested may join, not only developers. For new developers the mailing list is the place to ask for help while trying to add new ideas or squash old bugs.