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9 days ago
Hi thomase, great to have you here :) I'm also a fan of klassic skin and a long time ago made an extended version of it, with more buttons and lots of descriptions in the toolbars.cfg. Perhaps you'd like to try it too, it's called classiria skin,100114 (IIRC one of the button descriptions -page colors?- is still wrong, but just ignore that one
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10 days ago
Hello! I said taht i will give a tray to new KM. I am using today KM 1.8 (19). The speed is very very good (fastest browser ever tried). It opens all the sites (works well in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, facebook etc, the usual day by day sites). But: 1. Sometimes the flash crashes (mostly youtube videos). It is not such a big deal but is annoying. 2. The biggest problem is the advertisements ! I kn
Forum: Development
12 days ago
I tried what you said, but to no avail. My page forward and page back keys still do nothing. But my PgUp and PgDn keys now act as Back/Forward! I took a look at the configuration page, but I don't see any key code that would correspond to those unfortunately. Oh well, I guess it's Alt-Left and Alt-Right for now! On an unrelated note, the left and right arrow keys don't work to navigate
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13 days ago
Hello, I've just discovered K-Meleon (through the Web browser "ballot box" in Windows XP). I have always used IE, and haven't wanted to switch because I thought it was the definitely the only browser supporting favorites. I had used Chrome Frame for a few months, to allow IE8 to render newer Web sites properly with a standards-complaint engine, but support for it has ended in January,
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5 weeks ago
I recently found K-Meleon which is a quick browser for my old netbook. Unfortunately I'll still notce many sites locking up the computer with advertisements, flash, javascript or communitcation with google, facebook, etc. in the background. Installing plugins appeared rather difficult to me, so how about making a package that contanis K-Meleon with some plugings that prevent K-Meleon from be
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7 weeks ago
panzer Jarte 5.2:
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2 months ago
Yahoo had a bug with K-Meleon. You have to change the user agent to: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv: Gecko/20100701 Firefox/3.68 To fix it. Also many sites now push the HTML5 stuff and K-Meleon just can't do it well! K-Meleon does need to change user agents like a Kmeleon! I would love to have something like this in KM! About Secret Agent The Secret Agent Add On is anot
Forum: Improvement requests
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