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Adding Favorites à la IE - finally!! drool smiley
Posted by: siria
Date: December 28, 2009 02:32AM

FOUR (!!) years ago kko wrote a macro and script to add favorites the same way how IE does: KMeleon calls that windows scripting host (whatever that is tongue sticking out smiley), and since that is the native IE "Link-Adder" ;-) it allows to rename and choose and create new folders, which works beautifully!drool smiley

Unfortunately, the menu entries in the macro were stone age and didn't work anymore in modern KM :-( And my trusty win98 never liked FavRenAdd, some weird problem with paths, so I kept missing badly the old IE handler. But now at last I managed to update kko's macro to the current KMeleon - I thought I'm dreaming, it still works :-)))

Did just some minor updates in kko's kmm-file, and the js-file is unchanged!

Additionally included the macro "Reload_IE_fav.kmm" from desga,jamesD and jsnj to refresh the favorites folder, so it can be reopened from inside K-Meleon without a restart to show the new entries :-) http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?1,99092

DOWNLOAD "FavoritesIE_Add" (needs Cookies allowed):

When adding a Favorite from the link context menu, it will suggest the linkname as TITLE if JAVASCRIPT IS ON. If it's OFF, it suggests only the path as name, unless you hit F7 for a quick javascript toggle. As a little quirk, if javascript stays off, I added the possibility to select some text, anywhere on the page, which will then be suggested as title tongue sticking out smiley

(To reload, Win98 users must open the "Reload_IE_fav.kmm" and switch the # at two lines, they are marked.)

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