Untiny (macro)
Posted by: Matt
Date: November 22, 2009 11:43PM

Get the original URL of tiny one; handy if you want protect yourself from malicious links.

Access: Right click on tiny URL > Untiny (link context). E.g. right click on this URL http://tiny.pl/htk and select > Untiny to extract it (format of the result is XML).

Untiny supports over 200 tiny services and macro doesn't need JS enabled unlike visiting untiny.com. Ideally, the original URL should display when hovering over link, but I don't know if it is possible with a macro... and ff add-on doesn't offer such feature either.

Greetings from lizard grinning smiley

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Re: Untiny (macro)
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 24, 2009 06:41AM

added to communications, thanks matt

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