Another RSS Reader
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 16, 2007 04:38AM

I have written an RSS reader for K-M that you may wish to try. It is very lightweight and has more features than Aggreg8. I have never used NewsFox, so I don't know how it stacks up against it. For now, you can download from my website:

Get microrss

If you have any comments, just email me, removing the obvious.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: maty
Date: March 16, 2007 11:53AM

Can you post any images?


Sí, he vuelto. En los próximos días revisión del K-Meleon Nauscópico 1.02 aprovechando K-Meleon 1.1 beta. Entre otras cosas, cambiando a NewsFox. Probaré el anterior pero me da que es muy elemental.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 16, 2007 05:08PM

thank You snuz2,

@ maty screenshot sent by mail,

To all others that wonder: it looks a little like newsfox but seems to have more capabilities.

The next refers to installing the new Micro RSS created by snuz2 to the new K-Meleon beta at,70756 posted by Dorian - because with the new one IMHO we have an easier way to view this

11 kb!!(wonder)! reader.

The next two posts are the:
microrss.kmm (that goes to maros )
microrss.manifest (that goes to chrome)

Just copy paste the posts into an editor, save the files(s) with the name of the post. Then drop each in place with newest beta by Dorian - this easy install comes from his newest inovations.

Shutdown and restart k-meleon and k-meleon loader as snuz2 sugests in howto.

p. s. I have not tested it yet - i am in bed with a cold :-) ( well i should be ).

Correct me - If I posted anything wrong - I am no dev after all.

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Posted by: guenter
Date: March 16, 2007 05:09PM

# K-Meleon Macros (

# ---------- Microrss Extension (RSS News Feed Aggregator) ----------------------------------------------------------
# Dependencies : main.kmm (ExecMacros, OpenURL), mail.kmm (menus)
# Resources : -
# Preferences : -
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$OpenURL="chrome://microrss/content/microrss.xul"; $ExecMacros="OpenURL_InNew"; &ExecMacros_Frames;

# ----- PRIVATE

# tools menu
index($macroModules,";Mail;")>-1?setmenu(_Mail_News,macro,"Read &RSS Feeds",microrss)confused smileyetmenu(MailNews,macro,"Micro RSS",microrss);

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Posted by: guenter
Date: March 16, 2007 05:11PM

content microrss jar:microrss.jar!/content/
skin microrss classic/1.0 jar:microrss.jar!/skin/

Re: microrss.manifest
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: March 16, 2007 07:47PM



smiling smiley

Reste au chaud !


Mozilla/5.0 (x11; U; Linux x86_64; fr-FR; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Ubuntu/12.04 K-Meleon/76.0

Mail : alain [dot] aupeix [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

Ubuntu 12.04 - Gramps 3.4.9 - Harbour 3.2.0 - Hwgui 2.20-3 - K-Meleon 76.0 rc

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Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Will
Date: March 18, 2007 04:36AM

Could you please repost your microrss.kmm post? There's a huge smiley there...Also, I just made a clean install of the new beta, and I'm getting errors like >-1?setmenu not set and stuff. I can call the reader from the url bar chrome://microrss/content/microrss.xul, tho

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 18, 2007 11:24AM

Sorry Will - that is the Forum doing - when You paste it into Your editor it should say "confused smileymenue" that is from these three following entities/keys

) : s BUT without spaces

so mark the spot and then write instead the "close-bracketColonSmallS" together without space.

I do not know whether the macro would survive writing it differnt for forum.

I have send You a mail with the needed manifest and kmm as attachments. greetings

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Mala Okeh
Date: March 18, 2007 12:39PM

@ guenter

Would it be possible to put the needed manifest and kmm file for microrss in this forum for all those interested?

Thx a lot,

Mala Okeh

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: desga2
Date: March 18, 2007 12:51PM

Please, to avoid this error in post, write code in "Formatted code".
Select text code and push "Formatted code" button in post editor toolbar.
"Formatted code" avoid smile conversions in text.


K-Meleon in Spanish

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 18, 2007 05:47PM

Thx dega2 - I did not know what it was for.

It tested and deleted the post because - for me it only prevented line breaking of lines that are too long. Maybbe You can try - if it does not work out better tan mine I can delete it later.

Meanwhile I tried to do what Mala Okeh suggested (thx for the idea).

Go to deleopment Forum.

You will find my post there. Thank You all for Your patience and for readin my post.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Will
Date: March 18, 2007 06:24PM

Thanks, buddy smiling smiley
Btw, is it just me or the reader doesn't refresh the feed often(maybe to save bandwidth)? Sometimes the site(this very site)feed is updated, but I can't force it to update in microrss...How long is the set interval?

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Mala Okeh
Date: March 18, 2007 07:30PM

Thx a lot, Guenter, everything is working fine with microrss now.

By the way, for those interested I managed to integrate ActiveX into this version - perhaps unorthodoxly, but it works. Below the steps:

in components : nsAxSecurityPolicy.js

in defaults\pref : activex.js

in plugins : npmozac.dll

in macros : activex.kmm (script as follows)


$activeX = "kmeleon.netplug.npmozax.dll";

$reload = true;


Hope somebody likes it

Mala Okeh

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 19, 2007 05:36AM

To Will and all,

There is no automatic refresh of any feed at this time. You can force it to update by just doubleclicking it in the tree, or as long as the feed is still selected in the tree - push the read button, or use <enter> key.

So this begs the question, microrss does not cache any feeds ( they only take a second to download usually anyways, that 's the point of RSS ). But it would be very easy to make it refresh the one feed that is visible in the window.

?Is this really useful, do people habitually just leave one feed up on their reader? I guess 5 minutes would be a good compromise between hogging the channel and missing something important. Again, this would only work if you left the reader open and on the same feed that you wish to update. Given that restriction, is it worth it?

Autoload v0.5
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 19, 2007 08:56AM

Okay, I think Will's request is very good. I made a v0.5 which reloads the current feed every 250 seconds, so you can watch a forum or an auction or whatever.

Other fixes over 0.4 have to do with dialog box handling, multiple dialog boxes and protecting the window from URL drops. So go get version 0.5 !!


ps what the heck are those three circle thingys over K-meleon logo? it looks like he's blowing smoke or something, or maybe it's a bio-hazard, female anatomy? Rorshach test ? smiling smiley

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 19, 2007 04:56PM

Thank You for the 0.5 update.

p. s. The circles are AFAIK splif's logo. He made the logo and layouts that are still used. You still find broken links to his old place on on some pages. I think it is the central logo at his new place that lests You see what it is.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Will
Date: March 20, 2007 07:43AM

snuz2: The problem I have isn't exactly related to manually updating the feed(tho that's very welcome smiling smiley ), infact, clicking the feed(the loading message) simply doesn't generate any incoming/outgoing traffic, it's as if the browser was loading data from the cache. Only after very long amounts of time(12+ hours), I could get a fresh copy.

I'll add a dozen feeds from different servers, just to make sure.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 20, 2007 08:45PM

Hmm, that's odd. I'm using the autoupdate to watch a craigslist category with no problems, and the manual update always worked. Two possibilties for your difficulty:

1. Maybe a server problem as you suspect. I think that servers can specify when a cache entry expires in the header they return ( and perhaps yours does not want to be bugged that often ) - although I thought that most browsers just ignore it. I know that uRSS refreshes properly from any craigslist feed, so you can try with and then "SFBay area", try "free stuff" in the "for sale" category anytime it's daylight here. It updates constantly and the server is cooperative, you should see changes every time it updates as people try to get rid of their unwanted junk. I'm guessing that it will work fine, so then you must contact the webmaster for whatever feed you're trying to monitor and have them set the expiration time to something a little shorter than 12hrs smiling smiley . probably just an oversight on someone's part....

2. Or...maybe it is your cache that is causing the problems, I have mine set to "Once per Session" and I'm using KM 1.02. I notice that it always checks for a new version of the feed, although judging by the amount of time it spends downloading, it seems smart enough to know if the file is still the same by the header info. I use dialup and I can see it refresh the file by the modem activity; if it changes, I also see it in the reader.

RSS feeds themselves sometimes have expiration times in them, but uRSS ignores them. so that's not your problem. Let me know how you fare...

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 20, 2007 09:43PM

I think that servers can specify when a cache entry expires in the header they return ( and perhaps yours does not want to be bugged that often )

I have heard that too - AFAIK there is a FFox extension that poisons cache against this. It seemed to work with K-Meleon (at least console2 threw no errors ).
But can that be done/used selectively for a site in case a feed tries it?

Try - Privcay bar - cache! Every once in a while.
K-Meleon setting check cache always together with an extra started k-meleon instance?

else: my feeds are updated orderly.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: Will
Date: March 21, 2007 08:11AM

I'm also on dial-up, and monitoring this very way(but real net monitors don't show any i/o too). My cache is set to Automatic. I'll try some feeds and post back later.

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 23, 2007 05:16AM

A user has brought up an interesting point that microrss does not have delete confirmation.

I made it like this intentionally, because I don't like confirmations and I like having the ability to nuke a whole category in one button push.

On the other hand, deleting a whole category, at once is kind of dangerous.

Does anyone have any strong feelings one way or the other about this? Maybe a category should be required to be empty before it can be deleted? Maybe we shouldn't worry about it?

by the way, the read button is currently located next to the delete button, that's not where it is supposed to be, it will be fixed in the next version which I will post soon, along with some other corrections and improvements inspired by users.

microrss version 1.0 release
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 28, 2007 05:46AM

I have merged all of the user's suggestions over the past several weeks, along with stuff that nobody noticed, to make version 1.0.

Change Highlights:
Entities for all XUL elements and a new system to use entities for script elements as well, only one file to change!
Readme file converted to beautiful HTML and split into a user reference and installation reference.

Found that my parser ignored inline script tags so we don't clean them anymore, but we now clean links with a javascript: URL.

Layered Support
Subscriptions panel was rendered very ugly under layers - fixed. Also a favicon helps identify the tab for layered browsing.

Subscriptions File moved
The feeds.xml file was moved into the ??????.slt folder so it will backup with the rest of your prefs. You need to move this file manually if you added any feeds before version 1.0. There is a reminder in the installation instructions.

Lots of subtle stuff in feed rendering and window behavior...

Anyway, unless anyone finds a serious error, there will be no more changes. When the new chrome system is officially released, I will update the installation. Otherwise, I'm tired of working on it.

Download Version 1.0 en-US

Thanks to all who helped out with testing and suggestions and to all who downloaded! I think that we have a nice, basic, stable unit here that will satisfy 95% of what people need in a feed reader. I have never used NewsFox and for all I know, it is better, but if you like microrss, send an email to the devs and vote for it!

Re: microrss version 1.0 release
Posted by: sliderule
Date: March 28, 2007 07:19PM


Just wanted to thank-you for the work on this RSS reader: MicroRSS. It is small, efficient, easy to implement and use for K-Meleon users.

Again, thanks for the efforts, it is really appreciated. I use it everyday with K-Meleon 1.02.


Re: microrss version 1.0 release
Posted by: Will
Date: March 29, 2007 01:26AM

Snuz2: The problem in refreshing feeds is server related. Other servers updated correctly.
Good work.

Re: microrss version 1.0 release
Posted by: snuz2
Date: March 31, 2007 06:23AM

There is a "known issue" sad smiley regarding using microrss v1.0 with the new distribution, there seem to be some kmeleon prefs missing which v1.0 relies on. We are working on it.... for now you can use version 0.5 with the beta distribution or version 1.0 with KM1.02. There are also other workarounds but I will post when a real solution is arrived at.
Thanks for your patience and support.

Re: 1.1 compatibility
Posted by: nsp
Date: April 03, 2007 04:21PM

Cannot get it working with 1.1 !
got the error !
XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://microrss/content/microrss.xul
Line Number 17, Column 5:    <data id="_data"

installed microrss.kml, and microrss.rdf !

Re: 1.1 compatibility
Posted by: Mala Okeh
Date: April 03, 2007 07:50PM

As nsp I have problems to load and use microrss in k-meleon 1.1

Hope there is a solution for that.


Mala Okeh

Re: Another RSS Reader
Posted by: guenter
Date: April 04, 2007 04:41AM

snuz_2 has already workarounds for it. See his post above.
AFAIK we will be able to use it.

Untill then You can possibly replace string in tree.htm in microsrss.jar version 1.0:

var localPath = Components.classes[";1"].

with string from 0.5:

const DIR_SERVICE = new Components.
var localPath = (new DIR_SERVICE()).get("ProfD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile).path;
localPath = localPath.substring( 0, localPath.lastIndexOf('\\')+1);

That puts feeds.xml to a place that is inconvenient for backups ( I am do not know any JavaSript, so I cannot fix it ) but the reader will work with 1.1.
a bientot and greetings to beautifull FR ( p. s. k-m 1.1 locale fr-FR seems very far already smiling smiley

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v1.1 of microrss
Posted by: snuz2
Date: April 04, 2007 07:10AM

microrss v1.1 should locate the feeds.xml file properly with either new beta or old KMeleon. I posted it on my site:


However, the XML parsing is a different story. The problem is caused by guenter's manifest files which were made for v0.5 that does not have localization support. The entity in question in the XML error is part of the localization and localization is not present in the manifests you are using. Now that v1.1 can run on the new beta, hopefully guenter will make new manifestssmiling smiley, and that should solve your problem(s).

btw, thanks to kko for a very good and complete answer to my question!

Posted by: guenter
Date: April 04, 2007 10:43AM

content microrss jar:microrss.jar!/content/
locale microrss en-US jar:microrss.jar!/locale/en-US/
skin microrss classic/1.0 jar:microrss.jar!/skin/

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