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Mines Firefox Extension for K-Meleon 74/75
Posted by: George_Hall
Date: June 06, 2015 02:59AM

For the Mines Firefox Extension to work with K-Meleon 74.0 and K-Meleon 75.0, download Mines https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/addons/1049/mines-1.0-fx.xpi

Then download MineSweeper http://kmext.sourceforge.net/extensions/minesweeper.7z under Miscellaneous Extensions http://kmext.sourceforge.net/ext8.htm on K-Meleon Extensions Central.

The following steps create the extensions becasue the Firefox Extesnion does not contain chrome.manifest file

1 Create folder minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org

2. Extract minesweeper.7z\chrome\minesweeper.manifest into minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org

3.Rename minesweeper.manifest to chrome.manifest

4 Extract mines-1.0-fx.xpi\install.manifest into minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org

5. Extract mines-1.0-fx.xpi\chrome\minesweeper.jar into minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org

6. Rezip files in minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org

7. Rename minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org.zip to minesweeper@clav.mozdev.org.xpi and copy it into extensons folder.

8. Last extract macros from MineSweeoer http://kmext.sourceforge.net/extensions/minesweeper.7z into the K-Meleon Root Folder.

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