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Firefox CookieCuller Extensions works with K-Meleon 74
Posted by: George Hall
Date: August 18, 2014 12:22AM

To make the Frefox CookieCuller Add-On work you have to do the follwing:

1. Download CookieCuller forom https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/addons/82/cookieculler-1.4-fx+mz.xpi

2. Download the Pre-Kmeleon 74 CookieCuller Ecension K-Meleon Extensions Central at http://kmext.sourceforge.net/extensions/cookieculler%2Bbutton.7z

3. Rename Firefox CookieCuller Add-on to {99B98C2C-7274-45a3-A640-D9DF1A1C8460}.xpi copied it to the extensions folder in the K-Meleon 74 User Profile.

4. Extract the CookieCuller skins and macros from cookieculler-button.7z and copied to the K-Meleon 74 Root Folder.

Then when you start K-Meleon 74, you the entry :Cookie Culler" in the Tools and a Cookie Culler Icon for this Add-on.

I the CookieCuller Add-on for Firefox with K-Meleon 74 and it deletes cookies.

I have not tried Cookie Culler Extension form K-Me;eon Extension Cemtral.
Becuase I believed thier is a slim chance od it working with K-Meleon 74.

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