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Re: EXtensions for Privacy and No Tracking
Posted by: Abu Dawud
Date: December 10, 2013 03:56AM

Dear K-Melon Developers,

First of all, please accept our sincere thanks for providing K-Meleon Users extensions like KMTor, Dr Web, Adblock Plus, Wot Ratings, Phishing Checker etc.

Secondly, we need more to stop tracking the browsing activity from sniffers, rogue agents and internet service providers.

Thirdly, common man living in small and some big corruption ridden countries can easily be tracked, compromised their profiles and security by paid corrupted bugging agents.

Extensions like HTTPSEverywhere, DoNotTrackMe, Maskme, Facebook Phishing Protector, Disconnect, Facebook Disconnect, Twitter Disconnect, Google Disconnect, Chat Encryption, etc. can enhance privacy, safety and security of common man.

Even the extensions like HTTPS Everywhere, DoNotTrackMe, MaskMe, Chat Encryption are enough for anonymity, privacy and security of K-Meleon Browser.

Thanks and best regards

Abu Dawud

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Re: EXtensions for Privacy and No Tracking
Posted by: mhf
Date: December 25, 2013 05:20PM

Hi, I see no-one has replied to your post.

try looking through this board and you'll find some explanations about why many FireFox extensions will NOT work with K-Meleon - maybe they will in the future.

I can't remember the exact reasons why they won't work, something to do with the rendering engine, so I prefer not to give wrong information.

Good luck !

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Re: EXtensions for Privacy and No Tracking
Posted by: rodocop
Date: December 25, 2013 08:23PM

FF is fully XUL-browser that means both pages and GUI (user interface) are rendered by the engine.

K-Meleon doesn't use XUL for GUI - it utilizes native Windows GUI libs. That's why KM is significantly lighter then FireFox in terms of system footprint.

The reverse side of it is that KM cannot use FF extensions as they are - they need manual adaptation to work inside KM.

But KM has its own macrolanguage that allows to replace a number of FF extensions with native KM macros with the same functionality. Also it allows to adapt some other complex FF addons some time.

There are a number of extensions already created and adapted for KM.
Look at KM Extensions Central for short annotations and download. First of all read the 'Privacy and Security' chapter

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