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New Scribefire blog editor for KM
Posted by: rodocop
Date: December 14, 2012 10:35AM

Hey, bloggers!

Have you tried KM Performancing extension, this beautiful blog editor adapted for KM?

Have you noticed some lack of functionality, which was present in FF version of ScribeFire (which KM Performancing is based on)?

Now I've created new KM addon from the ScribeFire Next - new generation of this blog editor. It was fully rewritten and now almost all needed features are available in KM - like in latest FFs.

Try it to edit and update your blogs on different popular engines.

Unpack scribefirenext.7z into your KM folder and enjoy new Menu Item in Tools->Blog Services.

Also you can download kmperformancing3.7z - and get updated version of the old ScribeFire along with new Scribefire Next.
I need some help from experienced XULers as I can't get Settings tab of tis one working.

P.S. What doesn't work in new ScribeFire Next are:
1) export/import Scribefire options
2) page context menu item 'Blog this' which inserts current page link into your post

I think these are non-critical deficiencies, but I'll be glad to get some help on getting them back to life in KM.

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