Posted by: Matt
Date: July 12, 2011 11:30PM

Create, store and manage your paste's at even if you use a guest account (pastebin portable included).

menu entry: selected text context>Pastebin selected text + toolbar button

Screenshots and more info here.

Attachments: PasteBin.7z (372.4 KB)  
Re: pastebin
Posted by: sickley
Date: July 18, 2011 09:50AM

Sweet! thanks smiling smiley

Re: pastebin
Posted by: Matt
Date: July 18, 2011 04:51PM

I forgot to mention that selcted text is automatically copied to clipboard.
Info mainly for those who use Extensions Manager: PasteBin is also available on (thanks, disrupted)

Glad, you like it.

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