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Gecko Zone's NoScript flawed
Posted by: MXB
Date: May 23, 2011 07:15PM

I've installed it and it seems to work but not all that well. As posted on anther thread you can't configure it because the OK dialog button is ignored. The whitelist can be added to via the menu from right clicking the NS icon. To delete (such as the ad sites Maone put in by default 8-| ) I had to edit the prefs.js file (oooh I ignored the warning not to!) but it worked. I imagine the other defaults could be edited likewise.

Most importantly it lacks the FireFox versions ability to show you _what_ is being blocked. That's the gold of this extension. As it works it's about as helpful as Opera where you have to guess what you need to enable. e.g. facebook.com is obvious but did you know you need to enable fbcdn.com also? Only the FireFox NS tells you that.

I can't install the other NS because it is KM 1.6 only. The Policy Manager I read about also doesn't appeal, I recall the security zones from IE all too well. PITA.

P2 400 MHz, 128 MB, Win 98 SE

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