Posted by: disrupted
Date: April 27, 2011 04:13PM
port for 1.6
fireuploader is a universal uploader to upload and download files from various accounts like google docs, flickr, facebook, youtube, photobucker and many other services.

other than a few mishaps, the extension is fully functional and without limitations

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dirst, as a rule to avoid problems when setting and auhtenticating accounts; make sure you have logged to required account first in regular browser window so a cookie is set and when fireuploader is setting an account it wont bring up a signup or login dialogue with that service but will just take you to the allow permissions page directly

e.g with youtube and google docs, select a file and click upload
make sure to upload formats accepted by the service, unlike ftp fireftp..some services allow specific formats only

once you have authorised fireupload, click on the 'i'm done authorising button' don't agitate the authorisation window, as it's prone to crash

your added account ill then be displayed in fireupload accounts dialogue

and you can proceed to uploding

noteconfused smileyome services will not allow downloading and just uploading, the download arrow button will not be shown then

for facebook, as first rule..make sure you are logged in facebook first in regular window before creating the account and then select facebook

click the allow button in facebook apps page and then the 'i'm done authorising' button in the dialog

the authentication dialogue will close but after a couple of seconds it will open again and open a facebook page 'allow publishing' . ignore this page and just click 'i'm done authorising' button again.. do not click the blue allow publishing in facebook as this willalmost certainly crash k-meleon at docshell and your facebook account at fireupload will not be saved

just click the 'i'm done authorizing' button and ignore the facebook will still be able to upload normally and your facebook account will be saved with out problems

for photobucket and other services, the authorise dialogue opens in a smaller window, some windows are set in a fireupload js corresponding to the service but even removing the resize had no affect and still opened in a small window, probably resized from the service itself..this is very important because you will need to scroll the window to reach the allow or authorise buttons sometimes when they are off-screen.. do not scroll using the scroll bar, this will crash kmeleon(it's a xul bug)..use the scroll button with the small arrow to move the page like that

and then click allow button and click the i\m done authorising button to add the new account.

once your accounts are set, you should not have problems using fireuploader in kmeleon.

this extension is for 1.6 only

important note: this extension uses a component file, install using the extension manager or make sure to register added component manually by deleting files: compreg.dat and xpti.dat at the k-meleon\components folder

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