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scrapbook for 1.6
Posted by: disrupted
Date: April 15, 2011 04:34PM


port of scrapbook for 1.6. few limitations compared to the original firefox extension and there are slight differences/workarounds

quick tutorial

first time usage, you will need to create a folder. click on the toolbar button or menu entry>tools>scrapbook>scrapbooker

the main ui will open, select new folder and rename it

you can cature several websites byt selecting multiple and enter each website address in a new line

you can click url detector to extract address.. the first 3 commands are nonfunctional in kmeleon, the rest work ok

when the sites are captured, they will show in the main gui

you cannot capture all opened tabs like in firefox but you can capture the current active tab.. right click on the page and select scrapbook site

the capture dialogue will pop displaying the address for the current website..click the capture button

another limitation is you can;t open the archived pages from the scrapbook main interface..those first 3 menu commands don't work in kmeleon when you right click on a archived site

to open archived sites, select menu 'open scrapbooks'
this will open the scrapbook folder in a new tab

and you can then open the site and vview it normally inside kmeleon

the import/export feature also works and you can backup your archives to local folders

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Re: scrapbook for 1.6
Posted by: panzer
Date: April 30, 2011 04:24PM

Disrupted is like vine: the older it (he) is, the better it (he) is. grinning smiley

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