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Posted by: panzer
Date: February 03, 2011 08:04AM

ClipSecure for text encryption (for portable Kmeleon!)

ClipSecure allows you to automatically encrypt and decrypt text in any object (i.e. any edit window or box) that implements the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts of CTRL+A ('select all'), CTRL+C ('copy to clipboard'), and CTRL+V ('paste from clipboard').

Unzip 7z package in your Km folder:

Select text - Right click - send to ClipSecure

When you will use it for the first time, go to Options-operation and check No Splash screen.

Open ClipSecure and click Encrypt (or use hotkey) to enter password. You can then copy encrypted text into source window (or your favorite text editor). To Decrypt it, just select the whole encrypted text and click Decrypt (or use hotkey). Voila - the text will be decrypted.

You can make your ideal security formula by mixing 5 chaining modes, 6 hash types, and 7 algorithms(AES/Rijndael algorithm is a default one, even stronger one (Serpent) is also included).

In Hardcore mode, 2-pass encryption mode is enabled:

Encryption pass 1 [your cipher settings], pass 2 [AES+CBC+MD5];
Decryption pass 1 [AES+CBC+MD5], pass 2 [your cipher settings].

This adds an extra layer of resistance to crytographic analysis. There are some limitations in this mode - see 6.17 in manual (it is included in 7z package).

If you want to use it in installed version, just change the appropriate path in macro.

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