Probem with a plugin
Posted by: Frederic
Date: January 21, 2011 07:16AM

Hello community of K-Meleon
I recently tried to install plugin of mozilla "Im Translator" for K-Meleon,
but I could not, I look everywhere on the web but I did not find any informations about a installation,
Thank you in advance for me to find solution Please

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: JamesD
Date: January 21, 2011 07:10PM

FireFox plugins don't install directly into KM. Some, but not all, can be made to work by experts. I am not an expert.

Translation is available under the Tools menu.

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrupted
Date: January 22, 2011 01:52AM

select a text, right click and select im translate>

help for installing 7z extensions

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: Frederic
Date: January 22, 2011 03:26AM

Thank you in anyway for your answers

But the problem is that the conversion of the extension is not complete, it redirects to the site ImTranslator.

The extension of ImTranslator on Firefox opens a small window in which we make translation !

So I hope you find a solution for this problem, or completely convert the extension if possible

Thank you very much

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrupted
Date: January 22, 2011 11:01AM

the conversion is complete and it works exactly like in firefox, i never convert an extension without testing it first on firefox and check how it works. if the conversion has limitations compared to firefox i'd mention that but there are no limitations and the only difference is that in firefox it opens a toolbarless window and in kmeleon it opens a new tab. that can be changed easily using kiosk mode but i thought people preferred tabs, you can see in the macro i tried with kiosk but it was annoying..why imitate when you can do better?
#exec($k_path."\\k-meleon.exe " .$kioskcomm. "". $imtransexec);

select text and select imtranslate and your text is translated instantly, you don't copy and paste and that's how it works exactly in firefox

compare in kmeleon
text selected:

text translated:

same with TTS. text selected and read out

same in firefox:

and translated

the other thing missing from the extension is the chrome xul options dialog, i was begininng to make it work..see in macro
#$initlang=getpref( STRING, "imtranslator.dirParentFrom" );
#$tolang=getpref( STRING, "imtranslator.dirParentTo" );
#$localang=getpref( STRING, "imtranslator.locParent" );

those are meant to fetch the settings for from and to languages and then i found out the options dialogue is pointless because their api will always open in english to spanish and ignores language strings, so i'm not going to add extra meaningless code and a non-functioning xul just to make it identical to firefox without thinking

this is a test:

the above tells their api to choose translation from french to german, it doesn't matter and still opens using default english>spanish

so the only thing you are complaining about 'the conversion isn't complete' is that it doesn't open in kiosk and opens a new tab? if that's what you like i'll change it in the macro-np

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrupted[unlogged]
Date: January 22, 2011 11:49AM
Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: Frederic
Date: January 22, 2011 09:06PM

Thank you very much for all these explanations

But unfortunately, despite the pop up window that opens, it's not like Firefox, Firefox on all file Im Translator as Skin and Content are in the Firefox folder. unlike this extension you send me!

I do not know how to convert more complex extensions, such as No Script ... ! it is completely like Firefox, it has files inside Firefox, Chrome, components, defaults, macros, skins ... and besides this extension 'No Script' is in the top menu 'Tools'!

There are not all these files in the folder Im Translator, which is why it is not identical to that of Firefox!

I like K-Meleon and I want to use this extension on K-Meleon, and not on Firefox, that's why I ask you!

I know you do a lot of effort for my problem, thank you very much

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrrupted
Date: January 22, 2011 11:17PM

but it functions exactly like firefox, you can't compare imtranslator to noscript or other more complex extensions. in firefox im translator only adds a jar file, it doesn't need components or any additional js. the im translator chrome is chiefly to create the popmenu when you select text(overlay).. this has no affect in kmeleon because kmeleon is mfc and can't create menus with jar, only needs the macro to create menus, kmeleon is not identical to firefox like seamonkey or other deriatives and its an advnatage it doesn't use chrome for ui or menus..that's why it's less resource extensive and doesn't delay startup by loading the extensions chrome. numerous firefox extensions has been converted using maco kmm files's avery advanced language and more than sufficient for the job.. so it isn't about why files are missing from the jar or not used, it's about how it functions.. and as i ested and explained, it functions exactly like firefox regardless of the conversion method.. are you missing a toolbar button? this can be added using the macro language.. there is absolutely no need for the chrome in kmeleon

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrrupted
Date: January 23, 2011 01:41AM

this adds a menu under tools and adds help and for webmasters like firefox and a toolbar button, i didn't use their icon because it's ugly.

right click on the button for the menu

Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: Frederic
Date: January 23, 2011 02:23AM

ok thank you

You can minimize the window pop up?


Re: Probem with a plugin
Posted by: disrupted
Date: January 23, 2011 02:57AM

yes, you can minimise it like any other window, kiosk mode is just a regular browser window wthout the toolbars..the window buttons are not disabled.

to hide or show the toolbar button, just go to view>toolbars>im translator. kmeleon toolbars are very different from firefox and don't need a xul window to be disabled.

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