SpellPrefs - extended menu for spellchecker
Posted by: siria
Date: January 09, 2011 11:47PM

Mostly a workaround with many restrictions, but provides a menu until the KM 1.6 kplugin is ready. The spellcheck function itself is part of mozilla's gecko engine and already included out-of-the-box, just no menu yet in KM1.6-beta2. This macro only adds a menu for it, but the functions are very basic, nothing automatic, you must add your languages manually and reload a page after a dictionary switch.

To my surprise this menu also works with KM1.5, provided it has the optional spellcheck extension installed first! Of course, in that case only the extended menu is still partially useful.

Right-click in a textarea to get the menu:

To customize the favorite languages for the first menu, please click "Edit macro". There's also more info and explanations in it. The syntax is a bit touchy, the infamous semi-colons etc., but a backup copy of this kmm-file puts you on the safe side cool smiley

This is a pure KM-macro in one kmm-file, nothing else needed (if KM1.6 or newer). Just download it directly into your macros folder and it works after a browser restart. Or remove it from the macros folder and it's 'uninstalled' ;-) (Would recommend the USER macro folder in your profile, considering that old prob with writing rights in XP+, and there's also less danger to accidentally overwrite or delete it some day)

DOWNLOAD v01 as .kmm:

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Re: SpellPrefs - extended menu for spellchecker
Posted by: guenter
Date: January 11, 2011 03:52PM

Geil - Danke smiling smiley

Re: SpellPrefs - extended menu for spellchecker
Posted by: siria
Date: January 25, 2011 12:02AM

I was wondering whether it would take perhaps 2 weeks or perhaps 2 months until someone could fix the old kplugin for KM 1.6 - and it took just 2-3 hours... WHOW! What a timing ;-)

So in case someone hasn't noticed yet, Mark fixed the dll himself smiling smiley
There's only a harmless little bug yet, but for now it's really usable:
--> http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?3,112322,113863#msg-113863

For K-Meleon 1.6/1.7:
You can download his zip file and extract it to a temporary folder, then copy the "spelltest.dll" into your k-meleon/kplugins folder, and "spelltest.kmm" into one of your macros folders. That's all, now restart the browser.
Don't get confused with his help text, all that complicated stuff is outdated and not valid anymore, since the core tool of the spellchecker is already included in the gecko engine of KM1.6. Only the menu was missing so far.

Concerning that little bug of the new kplugin, it concerns only suggestions for corrected words. You must first left-click on a wrong word and then right-click on "spell" to see the suggestions.

Guess I should update this spellprefs macro too now, especially the info stuff about the now fixed kplugin, perhaps some day when I get around... ;-)

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