K-meleon "KMFILES.7z" kit
Posted by: dugbugoffice2
Date: December 24, 2010 03:56AM

I have a kit for 1.5 & 1.6 K-Meleon. It has speed settings, security & a few skins.

The KMFILES.7z kit comes in 2 parts.
The KMFILESop1 is standard as the old KMFILES.
But the KMFILESop2 kit has the Cache set to "0" as a part of security.
Being that the "dbCache" part was not needed, so it is not in the FILESop2 kit.

The "dbSecure" part comes in two parts "dbSecure-High" & "dbSecure-Low"
The Low settings are for Youtube & other sites for better use.

These settings push K-Meleon up there, mostly the 1.5 K-Meleon!
You could hit all files in K-Meleon with UPX. But this tends to slow it down, as
it has to decompress the files. But UPX works well on Opera 11+ so you won't know till you try.

then set all but the "xot3kwze.default" like, part of the profile to Hidden, Read-only, Archive.
Also rename the "K-meleon.exe" file this helps.

DOWNLOAD files at:

The Speed settings for KMFILESop1 is:


The other settings are listed in each file.
To change settings back & forth you may or may not need to re-start K-Meleon.
I do not have any issues with changing settings.

For other browsers you can manually put in the settings at:

Have any tips let me know!

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Re: K-meleon "KMFILES.7z" kit
Posted by: siria
Date: December 24, 2010 04:55AM

Thanks dugbugoffice, but I'm wondering, how and where shall people install it?? If they unzip everything in the KM root folder, as usual for KM extensions, don't they end up with messing it? And how does that touching with UPX work?
Hmm... for some reason I don't manage to read any of the files after unzipping <riddling>
On a side-note, the purpose seems to be for speed, so why not put that into the name... "KMFILES" sounds like it were something native, at least for me ;-)

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Re: K-meleon "KMFILES.7z" kit
Posted by: dugbugoffice2
Date: January 12, 2011 11:36PM

To place the KMFILES.7z files in K-meleon go to:
"Edit" then "Configuration" then "User-Defined Macros" & place
all the files you want in there.
You will need to place it in each profile you have,
if you want it there.
The skins go in the skins folder of course.

Hitting all the ".dll" files in K-meleon with UPX will
compress the files making them smaller, but might slow it down!
UPX works well on Opera 11+ on WIN ME, so you don't know till you try!

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Re: K-meleon "KMFILES.7z" kit
Posted by: desga2
Date: January 13, 2011 03:32AM

Hitting all the ".dll" files in K-meleon with UPX will
compress the files making them smaller, lighter.
K-Meleon1.6.0_Beta2 before UPX is "size 23.8 MB (24,959,481 bytes)"
And after UPX is "size 14.9 MB (15,632,889 bytes)"
Thats not to bad! It can be used on other files Java, Flash etc.
But I would not do any windows system files!

I'm against the UPX file compression because it reduces the disk space, but double the memory space required and its execution time is more slow because system need time to uncompress the files.
For example if you have standard (uncompressed) KM 1.6b2 "size 23.8 MB (24,959,481 bytes)" you only needed 24 MB of memory space to run KM.
But if you have KM 1.6b2 UPXized (compressed) you need the physical stored file "size 14.9 MB (15,632,889 bytes)" compressed + uncompress "size 23.8 MB (24,959,481 bytes)" of memory to run the same KM more slow because you need the uncompress time.

Total you need 40 MB of memory to run KM more slowly, this isn't a good business.
Almost UPX file compression can produced some problems in some systems.

K-Meleon in Spanish

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