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IE tab use
Posted by: Rustam
Date: October 08, 2010 07:10PM

I installed IE-tab extension but I do not know how to use it : there is no any button or something else which allows me to see webpage in IE .

Thank you beforehand.

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Re: IE tab use
Posted by: stuamr
Date: October 08, 2010 07:29PM

quote from http://kmext.sourceforge.net/ stuamr

IEtab enables rendering a page in IE trident engine within an internal K-Meleon tab. useful when testing a page or simply checking how a website displays under trident.

menu entry: page|link context>send to>trident render which means right-click link context menu

extra notes: extension uses components. please read FAQ for install help > http://kmext.sourceforge.net/help.htm

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Re: IE tab use
Posted by: Rustam
Date: October 09, 2010 11:24AM

But how I use IE engine in K-Meleon ?

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Re: IE tab use
Posted by: guenter
Date: October 09, 2010 12:53PM

How 2: Put the mouse cursor over a link, right click, go to menu item Send Link To, open the submenu in Send Link To and choose IE TAB.

Submenu will/can show IE Tab as extra option as soon as You installed it properly and restarted K-Meleon. For install help best use the K-Meleon extension manager.

Some explanations: After You installed the IE Tab K-Meleon extension You can have an extra item in the context menu when Your mouse pointer is over a link(URL) to another page.

Right click opens a context sensitive menu that shows only the actions possible at the moment when You right click (do that often in different situations and You will find extra menu options smiling smiley ).

By default mouse over a link plus right click offers (among 12 or so other menu items) "Send Link To" (technically the link(URL) is copied to the clipboard and a new application is started and gets the info) to Internet Explorer.

Now a number of other browsers and one html engine can be added in the submenu at this very place via a K-Meleon Macro Module provided the browsers or the plugin are installed.

One of the possible additions is the IE Tab plugin.

BTW. Most PPL here do not speak English as a first language.

I tried my best to repeat stuamr's info with other words, additional info and concentrated on some side aspects, maybe that helps You.

Sorry if You have a hard time trying to understand me. I speak German.

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Re: IE tab use
Posted by: disrupted
Date: October 09, 2010 03:46PM

right click on the page select send pageto>trident render to open the page in ietab

right click on a link, select send page to>trident render to open the link in ietab

if you installed the extension manually by extracting, make sure to delete those 2 files: compreg.dat and xpti.dat in the k-meleon\components folder and restart the browser

make sure the extracted files go directly in their corrresponding folders inside kmeleon- do not create a subdirectory inside kmeleon to extract- check your 7zip decompressing program settings as some may always create a subdirectory in the target directory by default- this will not extract the files properly in kmeleon and the extension will fail

as gunter has said; it's better to install using the extensions manager as to avoid improper extracting paths as well as registering components when applicable


also check the ietab supplement extension which adds additional commands in internet explorer's link/page context menus to easily reopen inside kmeleon or another ietab tab as well as advanced control over page content in ie like disabling flash/scripts/activex

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Re: IE tab use
Posted by: caktus
Date: October 10, 2010 01:45AM


Sorry if You have a hard time trying to understand me. I speak German.

Your grasp of the English language is better than mine and I grew up speaking it.cool smiley


~~If it ain't broke, why screw it up?~~

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