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Font Toggler
Posted by: jsnj
Date: August 21, 2010 08:01PM

Macro Extension for K-Meleon v1.1 - 1.6a

DOWNLOAD & INSTALL (Setup File) *Restart K-M after installing.

If you surf the web using custom fonts you can sometimes happen upon a page that has sections unreadable when viewed with your chosen fonts. Font Toggler allows you to switch between viewing a webpage with your font customizations and the webpage author's specified fonts so you can quickly see how the page was meant to be viewed.

Right-clicking the button displays the Fonts menu. Upon installation, Font Toggler switches between your custom fonts and the author's fonts. You can sync a minimum font size to your custom font if you prefer your custom font to be returned to a certain size. You can also choose to only toggle the minimum font size setting.

If you'd prefer not to have another toolbar button, you can select to use the F12 key instead. The Fonts menu can also be found under the View menu.

Hope you like!

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