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Groups2 updated to version 0.6.7
Posted by: JamesD
Date: August 21, 2010 05:55PM

Groups2 now has a HotGroups connection to KM's HotLinks. There is also a session history of deletes with the ability to restore a deleted group. The problem of the count of groups going to a negative number has been fixed. The version number is 0.6.7 dated 2010-08-18.

Possible update to extensions entry would be:

Bookmarking & Archiving


Similar to sessions, save all open tabs as a group and restore them with one click. Groups2 adds the advantage of preserving your already existing tabs when a group is opened.
menu entry: mainbar>groups
extra notes: -
versions supported: 1.5.x and later w/ tabs

Not sure if version number should be included or not. It is in the current entry.

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