FlashVideo Saver (9x) Question
Posted by: duffy2009
Date: August 14, 2010 11:21PM

Hi ...

I have downloaded, installed and have it working ... FlashVideo Saver (9x). What I can't figured out is how to change the path of the "save directory" when I click on "Save". The video downloads are going into the wrong folder and I can't figure out how to change the path. thanks.

**** Also have another bit of a problem, can't get the videos to play in my regular flash player. I am using KMPlayer, last version for Windows 98SE ... the videos will play in the FlashVideo Saver.

Re: FlashVideo Saver (9x) Question
Posted by: slayer
Date: August 16, 2010 07:03AM

I don't know about the path, I really don't remember.

To play videos I use mplayer, there is a list of builds in that page. Is a command line player, you just drag the file or create a batch. The drawback is that there is no a fully functional GUI to use with Win9X.
I'm creating a launcher to use with MPlayer, that will allow the user to set some options.

Re: FlashVideo Saver (9x) Question
Posted by: disrupted
Date: August 17, 2010 03:17AM

there's no option to select save directory and it uses k-meleon defined save directory read from prefs. to change the save path you will need to change the save path in kmeleon itself..for example, save a page and select your desired folder or right click on an mage and save it and change directory.. fla saver will automatically use that directory

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