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installing extension manager
Posted by: sanford
Date: August 12, 2010 06:46AM

Hi everyone. I am new to K-meleon and am impressed by it. I am having a simple newbie problem. It looks like I need to use the extension manager to install extensions. I followed the directions here (http://kmext.sourceforge.net/kem.htm) which were very simple: just unzip the zipped extensions manager folder into the k-meleon folder. Well I did, which gave me a folder called kemNT5.5 in my k-meleon folder. I restarted the broswer but no extension manager appeared under tools. I thought maybe I should take the various files and folders in kemNT5.5 out of that folder and put them directly into the k-meleon folder. But that does not make sense since there are already folders with similar names (like "macros") in the main k-meleon folder. They would be overridden. Help would be appreciated. Also, is it possible to install extensions without using this extension manager, say, but just copying the relevant extension files somewhere? Thanks in advance for your help. Sanford

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Re: installing extension manager
Posted by: siria
Date: August 12, 2010 08:30AM

Hi and welcome :-)
Don't know where your problem with the extensions manager itself is, but you're basically thinking right, it's not really needed for installing macros (extensions), only meant to make things easier:

Basically all it usually takes is to throw unzipped extension files into their matching folders, and that structure is usually mirrored in the zip structure. The one thing you're mistaken: Overriding only happens if a *file* already exists, but that doesnt mean that in a folder other files with different filenames would vanish. So unless a single file has an already existing name, there's nothing to overwrite, and those new files are just added to the others in that folder.
Most macros consist simply of a single kmm-file, which must be put in the "macros" folder, that's all. But there are also more complicated ones sometimes, which require more actions, that's where the extensions manager really makes things easier.

By the way, its always a good idea to keep a backup copy of the KM-profile folder, and better yet also the KM program folder, and then you can freely experiment with everything grinning smiley

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