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Re: lost RAM
Posted by: guenter
Date: August 04, 2010 02:35AM

@ guest, IMHO You interpreted Your findings wrongly.

You attribute a possible or better probable leak of an extension that is not part of any K-Meleon package to the K-Meleon install. Nobody is able to reproduce the RAM increase without the mentioned extension.



& in some other threads.

For this reason I will move this thread from K-Meleon Bugs to K-Meleon Extensions.

p.s. A bug must have a way to replicate on other PPLs machines.
Not a "BUT ON MY PC" but a proof of concept how to do on other PCs.

You did not give the URL etc.

I must assume that You have installed and used extensions...

Pages with no flash adds etc. are rare...

Windows as it is consumes several hundred MB...

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