liveip plus 2
Posted by: disrupted
Date: April 25, 2010 06:22PM

update for liveip(ip in statusbar):
- combines basic, plus, super and extreme in one version
- option dialog to add more ips(changes are instant)
- easily disable and enable from config menu

edit>configuration>liveip plus>

removing all ips from options reverts to original basic-like(liveip+domainip without the titlebar)
default settings(first run):wan+country (without titlebar ip)

download from:
nt(200, xp, vista, 7):

9x(98, 95, me):

please uninstall any previous liveip edition before downloading liveip2

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: senna
Date: April 29, 2010 04:09AM

hi there!

let me ask a thing grinning smiley how live ip changes the bar value? cause i look in the kmm and i dont find that, i thought the k-meleon sends somekind of query to liveipplus.exe and the program returns the info to a statusbar() function, but is not... the liveipplus.exe is just actived without parameters and apparently do all.

i am asking cause i want get the current hour in k-meleon but i dont find how to do that with macro, so i thought use an external aplication to return this info. (now i am using readfile to read a txt with the info)

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: disrupted
Date: April 29, 2010 05:22PM

that's a very interesting question because i struggled with this one. displaying the website ip was very important to me because it's your first protection against phishing and dns poisoning. nanny browsers keep checking your surfing constantly and comparing it to blacklists, this is error-prone and list can be outdated or the server down not to mention takes significant bandwidth and can slow your browsing but showing the ip needs a savvy user who can tell when something is fishy

you can display the ip with the macro but this has many limitations, first it will not be constant or realtime becaus it will display it once and if you hover on a link or menu or mouse movement the ip will be replaced by the website or kmeleon own commands.. using the macro will also need to be linked to kmeleon events or triggered by the user so it isn't practical at all so using internal macro for this task was no good

autoit was the answer to this problem working independently from any km command.
since kmeleon is a true win api application; that made controls readable and potentially writable to autoit script language which is heavily focused on windows api

here's a demo:
(note the control id and classes in the autoit window info)

and the statusbar which itself can be dissected into 3 ctrls

compare that with bogus interfaces like firehoax

the only real part of firefox is the titlebar grinning smiley everything else you see in firefox, tabbar, toolbar..statusbar, scrollbar..are no bars at all, they are make-believe ui. in programming terms firefox is a joke interface, of course since it's more or less html that makes it very easy to change anything in firefox's so-called 'interface', anything you can do to an html page you can do to a firefox

now autoit only needs to read the urlbar text to know the address of the site:
ControlGetText ("[CLASS:KMeleon Browser Window]", "", 1001)
-1001 is the urlbar ctrl id

then it parses that address to get its ip and writes it to the statusbar
ControlSetText("[CLASS:KMeleon Browser Window]", "", 59393, $sdisplay)
-59393 is the text section of the statusbar

because it no longer needs parameters from the macro, this makes the script very fast and automatically detects if you have left to another website(urlbar text change) and sets the new ip..and memory usage is so low it's barely noticeable

adding the time to the script is no easy and may have bad effects because autoit is no clock and doesn't have an easy way to constantly read the system clock and display it.. it has macros to fetch current hour and minute but that will change every second or at least every minute if you're not going to display seconds. this will make the script focus more on the time instead on the urlbar site and will increase memory usage

in case of clock+browser, javascript is far more practical like script there:
(note the statusbar)
but it will override liveip meaning each will be struggling for the statusbar space and the one with more refresh rate(clock in that case) will win.

the js will need to be injected in the macro and set to event onload(every new page).. i think it's doable but the clock refresh rate needs to be same as liveip so the display time is split 50/50 between them.. i'll test a few things

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: disrupted
Date: April 29, 2010 08:04PM

ok, i added localtime to be displayed in the timebar not the statusbar because that conflicted with liveip display functions.. by default time in titlebar is off, to enable
edit>configuration>liveip>display time (check)

download from same links above

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: senna
Date: April 30, 2010 04:47AM

this was rly impressive, great tool! U dont have limits lol. Now i want learn autoit cause this is so useful, some applications dont have anykind of API or command line option.

haha, the clock is 4 something diferent, since i back to k-melon from google chrome i missed a feature, the "history search", cause with that you can navigate without bookmark everything, if you remember a nice thing just search at your history.

this function is activated "OnLoad", so every time the pages load its like a do a CTRL + A and save this content like a preference.
reg_page {
	$textoSelecionado = $SelectedText;
	setpref(STRING, "xixix" . $hhh, "##$#" .$URL . "##$#" .$hora . "##$#" . $TITLE . "##$#" . $textoSelecionado);
	$hhh = $hhh + 1;
saves with the structure url - time - page title - page content (like a ctrl + a)

Later when i close k-meleon the browser call a PHP aplication to read prefs.js and find lines with "xixix". The script send to a database with each info (url, time, title, content) separate.

del the preferences when k-meleon is started
del_regs {
	while (getpref(STRING, "xixix" . $lll))
		delpref("xixix" . $lll);  
		$lll = $lll + 1;
i get time from a external aplication, it write a timestamp (seconds since 1970) to a txt file

#hora mean time
$hora = readfile("hora.txt");

the result is that:

as u can see, a title generate with live ip give me a more acurate info, but supose to be the title info lol...

i will test more this feature to make public, the sad thing is in php.

dude, this was great, tnx! now i will learn autoit cause this can help me at a lot of things, cya!

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: jsnj(unlogged)
Date: May 09, 2010 12:24AM

ok, i added localtime to be displayed in the timebar not the statusbar because that conflicted with liveip display functions.. by default time in titlebar is off, to enable
edit>configuration>liveip>display time (check)

download from same links above

When display time is checked, time & date becomes the title for all tabs. Is there a way to make time & date an appendage instead of a replacement?

Re: liveip plus 2
Posted by: disrupted
Date: May 09, 2010 01:39PM

i suppose it's possible but i couldn't find a js that reads titlebar first and appends time to it

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