Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 09, 2010 06:29PM

k-moods is similar to forfox' personas http://www.getpersonas.com or chromium whatsit thing as it allows users to easily change their tool background on the fly without actually changing their skin

after insalling go to tool>s kmeleon moods>get moods

this will take you to the k-moods page where you can select a background, simply double click on a kmood link and kmeleon will automatically download it and change your bg

some examples

it's not too bad on one row toolbar either

to make and share your kmood: make a background any way you like..there are no restrictions on size but it has to be in bmp format and save it..the file name can be anything, it doesnt have to be back..you can call it abstract etc but when you're done rename the extension to kmood instead of bmp e.g. abstract.bmp >abstract.kmood and upload it to the kmood wiki page. i think it better have a motif or image instead of a colour gradient

the reason why the ext has to be changed to kmood is so that it doesn't open in another window or tab as a bmp image but as a kmood, the extension will take care of setting it up as bg. just be creative or go pinch some personas from the firefox page like i did with valentine and st.patrick. to change a kmood, simply go to the kmoods page and click on another one..to remove a kmood, go to tools>kmoods>remoove kmood and this will automatically restore the original bg image for your skin

kmoods can be downloaded from this link:

and the kmoods wiki is there:
if there's enough interest and good kmoods the the page can be backlinked on the resources wiki

Re: k-moods
Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 09, 2010 07:09PM

update: removes the tool line by default since it looks better without it

Re: k-moods
Posted by: jsnj
Date: March 10, 2010 01:43AM


simply double click on a kmood link and kmeleon will automatically download it and change your bg
love the idea, but clicking a mood link on the wiki page doesn't initiate a change. It's just offered as a normal link to download or open and after choosing KM to open it, it opens in KM as a pic. Tested on 1.6a3b4.

*I installed it using KEM's auto-install feature. Turns out it just needed one extra restart. I think it works now as intended.

*hmm...maybe not. Tried to use the other moods on the moods page and clicking on the link initiates a restart but the background doesn't change from the first mood I tried.

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Re: k-moods
Posted by: siria
Date: March 10, 2010 03:57AM

It's a very cool thing, but where are the credits or links to the creators? It would show a minimum of respect for their work. Not sure what they'd think of this, after all they are posting their stuff with their name or nick to the firefox site, not anonymously...

Re: k-moods
Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 10, 2010 04:55AM

i tested on 1.6 without problems but still try to test with 1.5.x not alpha because i think 1.6 has some unresolved issues with mime..i'm not sure if there's a mime editor in 1.6 either.. a couple of yeas ago gunter and i worked on a 1.6 mime editor extension but i don't know where i've placed it, ask gunter for it..it should work fine with 1.6...best test with 1.5. like any extension, kmeleon has to be restarted after installing otherwise the macro won't function..makesure to install the extension again and not copy over the kmoods file, the log file(kmood.log) is created once and tells the script that the mime has been registered so it doesn't try to register it again and utils kplugin must be enabled.

the wiki is a test page which i did quickly to test the extension. when everything is working and the page is done properly then comes adding credits and a proper layout. 2 were from personas..i think it was by someone called butter..feel free to add his/her name, though if i'm not mistaken it said something about no credits, many just use images off websites and they don't mention the original authors..the other 2 were images on my pc which i edited..the idea is km users should make the kmoods and edit the wiki, they are free to add their names or not. i made an extension and i made a page to test it out, it wasn't intended to be the "official" kmoods page yet because it's like a preview of things to come and it's not ready for official publishing and hence it's not linked on the front pages

Re: k-moods
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 15, 2010 08:55PM

.i'm not sure if there's a mime editor in 1.6 either..

a couple of yeas ago gunter and i worked on a 1.6 mime editor extension but i don't know where i've placed it,

1.) No stand alone editor as part of the package. There is an old thread somewhere in development. Nobody ever noticed that it did not work well with the mime editor in pref panel. So it was not used. kko thinks it is redundant, so do I. I will not invest time into stand alone mtypes maintenance. I do not remember what alain said.

2.) AFAIK 2009
3.) In Your mail, today. smiling smiley // thought that only happens to me grinning smiley

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