Re: autofill forms
Posted by: jsnj
Date: March 06, 2010 01:01PM

Tested it on 1.5.3, 1.5.4, & 1.6a on linode and It's rather unstable at the moment. Worked first run through on 1.6a. Then crashed it next run. 1.5 doesn't like it though. Clicked the button and then got no visible response. Clicked it a few more times to no avail, then checked task manager and noticed that it was clogging up the CPU. Few more clicks and the browser crashes.

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Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disruptted
Date: March 06, 2010 08:44PM

i think this can be related to waiting for utils to read first before injecting.. i have experienced the crash when injecting 3 js so i removed the third one in the macro- yo'll find js3 sharped out and didn't get crashes after so thought that fixed it but it might be related to load of other js event handlers in other macros... i'm not sure.

anyway, i removed utils and used internal read but had to reduce js file to under 30, hopefully that will fix the crash

note: some sites have very unconventional form ids so it's hard to cover them all..i'm still learning js but if it doesn't fill after the first click that means it can't fill those forms(no match) so don't try again or try to see if that causes a crash but i mean don't try again expecting it will fill them far as my tests it worked on about 80% of forms and that's not too bad

Re: autofill forms
Posted by: jsnj
Date: March 07, 2010 02:32AM

No more crashes but it's now non-functional. Tested on linode w/1.5 & 1.6. Clicking on the button or choosing the context menu items produces nothing. Also, the config window's default info is all screwy smiling smiley Still didn't work after I filled it in with other data though. Not sure why it's working for you and not me.

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Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disruppted
Date: March 07, 2010 03:33AM

no no, don;t use the gui, it has not been updated for the new js..editing with the gui now will mess the js, it's just for testing with the crash.. use default john bugger values

it should fill forms normally with default values but don't worry about it, everything is being recoded with a complete new js function that works on almost all sites.

i finished the js but haven't finsihed the gui yet, it will add additional values for bank account number, credit card, pin security code and paypal account and if i could, there will password protection and possibly a basic encryption

Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 07, 2010 07:18PM

forms autofill final:

quick tutorial

right after installing the extension, go directly to the configuration, this is important because there are settings yet and you will not be able to use autofill but you will be able to use anonymous autogill using generic ;john smith' values.

the first time you access autofill confid, it will automatically detect the first run and prompt for a password.. you will never see that message again

if you click no, it will continue to the gui yes you will get a dialog to enter your new password- please don't forget your password. if you don't assign a password(cancel) or clicked no on initial run are still able to set a password from within the config gui

once in the config gui, you have several inputs for personal info and other sensitive data like bank account etc, the initial displays john smith..note changing those values will not affect the anonymous fill(there is no configuration for anonymous fill), please note the password in the config gui is not the protection password but it's the password that will be filled on the input forms.
like usually have the same password for non important websites

enter your values and click set values button

if you want to change the password, or remove the on the password manager button..set a new password or remove the password(remove pass)..once you remove the password you will not be prompted to enter the password next time you access the config

case password, you will be prompted to enter your password before being allowed to access..if the password is incorrect the gui will terminate.

when you use autofill, the input box colours will change according to anonymous fill or regular

anonymous fill can be used when you want to quickly access a certain website without granting your actual info. autofill will automatically check boxes(like read our privacy etc)

additionally there's a toolbar button to access the same menu in tools>autofill forms>

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Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 07, 2010 07:28PM

please note that autofill supports multiple profiles(several users with different profiles on same fully supports portable kmeleon as well

Re: autofill forms
Posted by: guenter
Date: March 07, 2010 08:57PM

Thx for the work smiling smiley
Does it support different passwords on a per site basis?
I reused few passwords.

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Re: autofill forms
Posted by: jsnj
Date: March 08, 2010 12:02AM

Tested briefly on 1.6a. Seems to work as advertised smiling smiley I haven't looked into how it's all coded and where the data is stored, but it seems you can set data on a per site basis by simply checking the URL first before saving and filling.

Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disrupted
Date: March 08, 2010 03:33AM

it's one password fits all will be quite hard to implement a per site filler but not impossible but keeping the macro light is better for the browser stability.

auto filler itself isn't intended to be a password manager, for that there's the km built-in passwor manager..mainly it's to fill forms on site registers without having to type the whole bio routine..everything in the form is optional and a field value can be left empty so the password can be left out to be filled manually or for kmeleon itself to fill it in if its stored.

Re: autofill forms
Posted by: mickwest1
Date: December 18, 2010 01:56AM

Thanks for the instructions - (a few WITH the program would have helped)

This seems to be the only form filler for K-M so thankyou for that*

autofill seems to work on your test sites but I couldn't get it to work on this one

the items don't matter - it won't fill in the name etc - any ideas why??

(*ps: I did try roboform but couldn't understand it at all)

very best regards


Re: autofill forms
Posted by: disrupted
Date: January 22, 2011 12:06AM

some websites don;t have unique names indicating the forms in the code and just use numbers like insted of form id>name or email e-mail uses form1 form2 form 3 etc

it's impossible for an autofill extension to know what to fill-it's not AI, this can be achieved by site-specific form filling like in opera or some firefox extensions where the form is remembered for the url only-and then it remembers the sequence, not without problems ..if the website changes the forms or code you will have to set it up again.

this extension is not site specific and is works with most sites but there will always be the odd ones that need site-specific form filling

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