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Re: TS-wincontrols
Posted by: concerned user
Date: December 25, 2011 02:32AM

Attention: new way of spamming our forum! Dear mods, please take action.

masymasy is a spammer. The quoted reply above contains spam. There are already several similar posts on this forum.

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Re: TS-wincontrols
Posted by: guenter
Date: December 25, 2011 03:13AM

concerned user
Attention: new way of spamming our forum! Dear mods, please take action.

masymasy is a spammer. The quoted reply above contains spam. There are already several similar posts on this forum.

Thx for the hint.

I had so far only found one of the SPAMs of this user or nature myself/independently.

Any user that by chance finds such a scam should leave a note or send a mail with the link to the SPAM post to a moderator: e.g. me.

Thx in advance.

p.s. It is a new way to get unspecified links from a page (this forum) with high page rank. Some of the page rank is then gained by the page that is linked. This is the most effective way the push a site for better ranking with the Google search algorithm.

Can all moderators & users please also look for quotations where the quoted links real linked URLs have been redirected to SPAM pages that the SPAM poster wants to get a link with high page rank in order to improve Google ranking.

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Re: TS-wincontrols
Posted by: K
Date: September 05, 2014 10:10PM

Hi, disrupted,

my compliments, you seem to me so utterly quick and prolific. Sadly, I couldn't make it work on mx KM 1.53.

As I have this other feature wish, live toolbar toggling, I reverted to Autohotkey, because there I know how to send keys to the browser. I now have a button working with:

  • Leftclick to switch to drag mode, then Rightclick anywhere to drag (- even other windows). Releasing RButton exits the .ahk script, so unlock - luckily it even does not popup the contextMenu on releasing.
  • RClick:
-> Minimize
-> NewWindow
Bars 	 ->toggle Titlebar
	 ->toggle Toolbar
	 ->toggle Statusbar
Win 	->Windows List
	->Close Window
	->Exit KM

The biggest problem this gave me is still unsolved: I couldn't make Autohotkey digest the path strings from KM, so I had to hard-code the paths - going to ask on their forums one of these days.

The code of the .ahk script + 2 references:
note: a word forbidden had to be replaced. MouseY DOES have a horizontal counterpart

; Easy Window Dragging
; by Chris Mallet
; http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/posting.php?mode=quote&p=34052
; several forum topics, like:
; ;http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic5017.html&highlight=easy+window+dragging 
; AutoHotkey Version: This script requires Autohotkey v1.0.25+
; Platform:       (requires XP/2k/NT)
; Author:         Chris Malletet al. (?)
; Script Function: when running, makes the RButton a DragButton, on release, exits, 
; unlocking dragging.
; Be sure your taskbar can show, be shure to know how to move & resize a 
; window from its taskbar labels system menu.	

#SingleInstance, force

RButton Up::

CoordMode, Mouse  		; Switch to screen/absolute coordinates.
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_MouseStartY, EWD_MouseWin
WinGetPos, EWD_OriginalPosX, EWD_OriginalPosY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
WinGet, EWD_WinState, MinMax, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin% 
if EWD_WinState = 0   		; Only if the window isn't maximized 
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, 80	 ; Track the mouse every n milliseconds. Ori=  
return				; ginal Value=10. Less=>smoother, but eats CPU time

GetKeyState, EWD_LButtonState, LButton, P
if EWD_LButtonState = D  		; Button has been pressed, so drag is complete.
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
GetKeyState, EWD_EscapeState, Escape, P
if EWD_EscapeState = D  		; Escape has been pressed, so drag is cancelled.
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
    WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, %EWD_OriginalPosX%, %EWD_OriginalPosY%
; Otherwise, reposition the window to match the change in mouse coordinates
; caused by the user having dragged the mouse:
CoordMode, Mouse
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseQIX, EWD_MouseY
WinGetPos, EWD_WinX, EWD_WinY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
SetWinDelay, -1   			; Makes the below move faster/smoother.
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, EWD_WinX + EWD_MouseQIX - EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_WinY + EWD_MouseY - 

EWD_MouseStartX := EWD_MouseQIX  ; Update for the next timer-call to this subroutine.
EWD_MouseStartY := EWD_MouseY

Any help with the path/string problem would be appreciated

p.s. habe in deinen Post mal das qoute versetzt. Keine Ahnung, was wegen Thema ist.
Mal JamesD (en-US) oder siria (de wie wir) ansprechen - wegen Thema. mfG

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Re: TS-wincontrols
Posted by: siria
Date: September 06, 2014 02:09PM

@guenter Bin nicht sicher, ob das überhaupt eine ernsthafte Frage ist, aber wenn du meinst. Außerdem ist mir das ganze viel zu hoch, mit autohotkey etc, und außerdem gab es nach dem zitierten Posting damals ja noch etliche weitere, und es scheint ja am Ende funktioniert zu haben. Überhaupt kapier ich hier rein gar nichts, aber wenn es unbedingt irgendwas mit Pfaden sein soll, und evt. die Pfade im kmm gemeint sein könnten, und womöglich das Problem im Pfad zum KM-Ordner liegen sollte, wenn es dort Leerzeichen dazwischen gibt, mal blind geraten: evt. könnte man versuchen ob es was hilft die Syntax in der kmm-Datei so umzustricken (in Notepad):

syntax in old kmm:
exec($_tool_path."\\ts-wincontrol\\kmwincontrollers.exe restoretitle");

test if helps syntax with quotes around KM-path (modify all exec lines):
exec("\"".$_tool_path."\\ts-wincontrol\\kmwincontrollers.exe\" restoretitle");

Bin eher skeptisch, und Soeren schrieb damals auch noch, dass autohotkey wohl gar keine " " im Link vertrage, auch nicht im Windows-Link außerhalb von KM, also keine Ahnung ob es irgendwas nützt.

@guenter: Mein Verdacht auf "nicht ernsthaft" verstärkt sich, wenn ich mir den nächsten Eintrag hier unten angucke. Anderer Name nach gleichem Strickmuster, kein ersichtlicher Bezug zum Thread, dafür universeller "passt in alle Blogs und Foren" Text mit externem Link. Erst zum Testen was neutrales, und als nächstes...? Oder kann jemand, der das Macro hier nutzt und versteht, was es überhaupt tut, in der Frage einen Sinn erkennen?

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Re: TS-wincontrols
Posted by: guenter
Date: September 07, 2014 12:18PM

Ich kann keine der oben angesprochenen Probleme im Text finden. Ich sehe mir den Quelltext bei Neuen an! Geht über die Zitieren Funktion. Nur "ShortURL" LinkSPAM entgeht mir so. & Du weißt, ich sehe IP an. Der Nutzer ist von Kabel.de. Und er kommt aus selben Gegend, wie ein mittlerweile aktiver Nutzer, der gerade in General nach XPI fragte. Keine belebte Großstadt dort. Bedeutet ich überprüfe die geographische Herkunft von Neuen. Wenn du aus der Gegend eines bereits erkannten Spammers kommst, bist du dir meiner ganz besonderen Aufmerksamkeit gewiß. Ich google auch Nicks ud Text. Manche Sachen wiederholen sich. Ich bin seit einem Jahrzehnt hier; erinnere Manches. grinning smiley

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Re: TS-wincontrols / hide Title Bar
Posted by: siria
Date: January 22, 2015 03:08AM

Because people still come looking in this old thread for workarounds:

K-Meleon can hide the title bar without any additional stuff! smiling smiley
This works at least since KM1.6, although only from a hidden pref.
Not sure where the setting can be found in newer KM versions, but as always the hidden prefs still work:

- Go to "about:config"
- 2x click on "kmeleon.display.hideTitleBar" => true

Now open a new window to see the effect.

- To change window size between MINIMIZE, TOGGLE MAX or RESTORE, MAXIMIZE:
Move the mouse to the bottom of the monitor, right-click on the window name. Or search in the forum how to create new toolbar buttons for it.

- To change the window size, pull with the mouse at the borders as usual, while the window is in restored size mode.

- To MOVE the whole window, hold down the ALT button or SPACE bar, then click with the mouse in an empty space in the toolbars or tab bar (not all work, not bookmarks bar etc., just try what works)

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