Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 20, 2009 10:43PM

The Gecko version that the latest k-meleon uses is so old that I that I have to use a firefox agent string, to get sites like "" working without issue.

Of course, the main page loads(just to insult you haha) but when you click on some specific would otherwise load a "leave a comment" part of the page and nothing else but whiteness lol. No joke. Basically the webpage goes bunkers.

I understand you make efforts to update gecko, but it is seemingly not keeping up with web standards which arguably should come first in development.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: siria
Date: December 20, 2009 10:57PM

Sorry, but if a website quite obviously DOES work in a browser, then it can hardly be the engines fault, huh? So that can only be sites where they don't look for engines, but for browser names, and you can bet that the webmaster there has a browser switch built in, which deliberately only lets some selected big browsers in, and the others are shut out tongue sticking out smiley Otherwise faking the browser name wouldn't help a thing, or not?

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: Fred
Date: December 21, 2009 01:53AM

You can use any Firefox string as user agent
for pages that do not work correctly.
It's the fault of the website, which has
a browser recognition, which does not know
that K-Meleon is a Gecko browser.
K-Meleon official has the same Gecko as a
Firefox 3.0.x with, and can be updated


Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 21, 2009 11:14AM

Actually k-melon has the gecko version of what I stated above firefox 2.0.19

Firefox agent strings above that version fail on the aforementioned site....gee I wonder why! Because when you put in a firefox 3x agent string...the website assumes you have the features of the gecko for that version which has the newer version of gecko...then the browser receives instructions it doesnt know what to do with (because it actually has an older gecko) hence "script not responding, would you like to stop the script."

Yes you folks definetely know a thing or too, and I am glad, but incorrect in this case sorry. Still thanks for the feedback.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: guenter
Date: December 21, 2009 12:14PM

Script not responding means that Your PC is too lame or the script too time consuming for Your browser settings (dom.max_script_run_time can be extended).

Firefox 3.5 and higher have a faster Script Engine.
No Enhancements currently used by real pages.

p.s. Follow this link, if You want detailed info about faulty browser switches.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 21, 2009 10:54PM

I can assure guenter that it has nothing to do with the speed of my pc nor the limited time the browser employs to process the script before defaulting.

I can extend the time for a minute, and nothing will change. So it has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with what I said.

Site uses features which older gecko does not have therefore gets confused and do to my almighty Slow turtle snail pc, it cannot resolve that confusion - haha can't resolve the confusion because it doesn't have the recent code to deal with those new features the site employs.

If you want further proof, there is no problem with firefox 3x (im not talking about agent string, the actual firefox 3rd generation)....gee I wonder why that would be...because it has a newer gecko damn it!

You can't con me.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 21, 2009 10:58PM

About the argument that firefox processes javascript faster...

Both firefox and k-meleon, have flawless javascript timeout settings....there is no reason why a simple script would trigger the error message because of the slow speed of the pc. On a complex script yes, but not on simple one. K-meleon is stuck on a detail it doesn't know how to handle, it is not a matter of javascript speed; that's folly.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 21, 2009 11:04PM

and to siria...

I know what you are saying does not apply here.
That's because if I put a firefox 3rd generation agent string...the links on that site fail....yet it perfectly told that site it was firefox.....just with a newer version of gecko that k-meleon does not have hence the damn problem.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: disrupted
Date: December 21, 2009 11:59PM

there are no problems here with tgdaily..i was able to access almost all links(cool site by the way) with out problems or any script errors..the site for the most part is well-coded too, producing few errors in the console and only one that was particularly critical Error:
'Permission denied to get property HTMLDocument.body' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent] = NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRINGbut

not enough to produce a crash or a script, k-meleon is just blocking a domevent it's regarding as a security thing

i didn't change my useragent maybe that's your problem? using an agent that made the site inject special js code not for 1.8..try browsing with the default agen, you don't need to use the ff agent with that site.

naturally there are js codes that are specific to 1.9+ gecko but so far i havent run into one that cripples k-meleon or completely blocks the site.. some features may not work requiring tracemonkey etc but it shouldn't cause a script error or a crash..anywho, the devs are aware of the limitations of the current 1.8 engine and are working on an update to 1.6 but you see.. unlike other browsers that rush and adopt new engines without enough testing etc the devs for k-meleon (within their very limited time) cannot migrate to a new engine unless everything has been tested enough to work seamlessly and without problems.

sure they can easily throw in the new engine in a couple of days, and trust me it's not that various unofficial releases include the new gecko but that will produce endless problems, bug reports and bitching users will come in with all sorts of complaints.. we all know the problems firefox has went through when they hastily used 1.9.1+...numerous bugs and patches and updates released every couple of weeks. if you notice , the seamonkey devs have been cautious taking in 1.9.. they have been testing it for almost 2 years and until very recently(a month ago) their official version was using gecko 1.8.. they are good guys just like the km ones, they take their time to ensure no loose ends in their final product.

if you just can't wait..then i highly recommend that you try the unoficial kmeleons like fred's nx/sm editions or hao's ccfme, both using the latest gecko trunk

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: guenter
Date: December 22, 2009 12:40PM

Normally it is a to lame thing by either script or PC - unless it is a known error.

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Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: eric
Date: December 23, 2009 09:07AM

Thank you disrupted for your thorough reply.

Just out of curiosity, would it possible and or feasible to associate a particular agent string with a particular website; the ones the user goes to frequently.

Engadget requires the firefox 2.0.19 agent string.
Tgdaily functions with the original agent string.

I cannot change the agent string from site to site...that would drive me mad.

I will try some of the ideas aforementioned in this blog.

Re: Gecko Update
Posted by: disrupted
Date: December 23, 2009 03:44PM

yep, there's an extension called auto agentswitcher which exactly does that..once it detects a site from a "blacklist" it will automatically use the ff ua and revert back to default ua when another site is opened

auto agent switcher can be downloaded from there:

to install it, extract the 7z package inside k-meleon root folder or use the extension manager kem

after installing the extension, you can access its settings from tools>user agent:
-auto switcher (toggles the auto switcher on and off- by default set to on)
-add website (automatically adds the current page to the can use that to add a website that only works properly with the firefox agent)
-edit switch list (opens the badlist file in notepad to manually add a website domain or remove one.. please note, selecting that command will automatically copy the current page domain to the clipboard with a semi-colon prefix- the last entry should not be followed by a semi-colon)

to add sites, separate domains by a semi-colon
the badlist already comes with a list of known problematic sites like yahoo mail etc

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