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Javascript Site Blacklist
Posted by: eric
Date: December 20, 2009 03:27PM

Sites like Engadget are giving message saying "script not responding, would you like to stop the script" this is generated everywhere I browse on engadget.

A Javascript Blacklist would resolve that.

It would also be desired for sites we don't want to use javascript. Conversely, it could operate on a "trust no site principal" such that we would have to add each site to a whitelist for javascript except that would be annoying
I am certain others would appreciate the feature also.

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Re: Javascript Site Blacklist
Posted by: siria
Date: December 20, 2009 03:52PM

Yep they do, that's why it exists already cool smiley
--> Wrong subforum ;-)

The problem of K-Meleon is really that some stuff like extensions and skins are a little hard to find, if one doesn't already know where to look :-(
Check out "Policies Manager" here, a bit below the middle:

Note that some functions like image zooming stop working, if the global policy has javascript disabled. That's why I usually have it on, but am surfing with javascript switched off per toolbar button, always in my sight cool smiley

By the way, do you happen to know the privacy toolbar?? If not, highly recommended: View -> Toolbars -> Privacy Toolbar.
There are more buttons prepared, can be found in toolbars.cfg in the current skin.
And all functions can be accessed in the menu Tools -> Privacy

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Re: Javascript Site Blacklist
Posted by: eric
Date: December 21, 2009 04:16AM

Thank you.

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