User-stylesheet without browser restart
Posted by: siria
Date: November 08, 2009 03:48PM

It would be helpful to have a user stylesheet that doesn't need to restart the whole browser for each little change. The adblock-stylesheet works this way, so it can't be very difficult ;-)

JamesD's new KM-tricks page is the perfect test page (currently), build with frames smiling smiley All frames are external, except perhaps the logo:
There temporary stylesheets from macros, that use injectCSS (obviously only after a page load) don't work at all.
But adblock works just as perfect as the user stylesheet, in all frames before loading it seems, and also changes in the adblock-sheet work immediately smiling smiley It wouldn't harm to have the user styleshoot toggable too, perhaps in preferences.

Another little thing, the search-button-globe would IMHO be much more intuitive for newbies if sorted to the goto-toolbar, by default, instead of to the find-in-page buttons smiling smiley

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Re: User-stylesheet without browser restart
Posted by: disrupted(unlogged)
Date: November 08, 2009 05:05PM

if you will have many enforcing css, you should use the stylish extension by joykillr. this will make it easier to manage your csses for every site and any change is visible on reloading the website without the need to restart the browser.

stylish can be downloaded there:

stylish uses component files that needs to be registered so use kem or keih to install or if you prefer installing manually, make sure to delete those 2 files from components folder first before using stylish for the first time:

access stylish from tools menu>stylish>

Re: User-stylesheet without browser restart
Posted by: siria
Date: November 09, 2009 09:52PM

I've took a glance at that while ago, but seemed so complicated in structure and needed javascript, so didnt feel much like trying it ;)

Re: User-stylesheet without browser restart
Posted by: disrupted
Date: November 09, 2009 11:01PM

no javascript required at all, it will still work with js disabled.
stylish is very very's like a manager for your stylesheets but instead of using usercontent.css it creates its own file stylish.rdf inside your profile folder and all your styles are listed inside that file.

the advantages of using stylish over usercontent.css:
1- no need to restart to apply a style.. just refresh the page
2- easily edit a style
3-easily disable a style without having to delete it

using stylish can actually be easier than fiddling with usercontent..becauseeven though your styles are saved to the same file, they are separate and if a bad style exists it won't mess the rest of the styles..also stylish is kinda smart and can detect if a command is incorrect or missing something and warn you about it

just open "stylish manager" from the tools menu
click on write the gui, give it a label and add your style in the edit can find lots of premade styles at

click on save and that's it..later you can always edit the style by selecting your style from the list and clicking the edit command

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