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Block images by size option?
Posted by: siria
Date: September 13, 2009 11:08PM

I'm reading some forums where people like to post screenshots and huge banners and huge animated gifs, and some of them don't care if a single posting contains already over 20MB. So they see no need to convert their 500kB-VLC-png's to 70kB jpgs. Each time I think it would be a nifty little gimmick, to block pics by size :-) So that forum buttons and smilies still work, and perhaps "normal" pics are loaded too, but not each and every time when viewing one of those certain threads all the 20MBs are loaded all over again. If blocking images completely there are no smilies anymore either :-(
Not sure if pixel-size or kB would be a better limit, perhaps by choice... And not sure at all if it can be done at all... but perhaps to block only png and allow gifs or so, that would be easier...? Only temporary of course, e.g. with a right-click on the image-button in privacy bar. Or perhaps this exists already somewhere in the settings jungle, never sure *blush*
Oh, I just realized for most forums it actually works to put their URL in the image-whitelist, then click image-block before opening those certain threads - works nicely!! :-)
Alas, not for all, some have even the basic forum buttons spread all over the web, oh well...

But can anyone tell me why in the world I don't see any placeholders or icons for blocked images?? Is it intentional, are the settings for "missing images" only for those that can't be found at all, or have I messed again something??
(Like I managed somehow to have the cookie exceptions button vanished from my preferences tab, but only in my customized KM, the "clean" version still has it ;-)

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Re: Block images by size option?
Posted by: disrupted
Date: September 16, 2009 11:37PM

you have an interesting concept here.. in theory a js can block images by their size however there's only one way of doing it which in application contradicts the whole theory of it.

to be able to 'fetch' the image size means the image has to be downloaded first but not necessarily displayed.. that means that before displaying any images on a site..every image has to be cached first to retrieve the size and then according to the size and your settings to maximum size permissions, the browser decides what images meets size criteria to display meaning that instead of speeding up site load it would actually be delayed.

a better imaginary method to apply the restrictions is if the image size was included in a tag or some sort of html header that the browser can read to know what size every image is.. that would make it very easy and quite functional but this can only happen by setting a new standard that all images must include a size tag.

it's a very good idea but you have to take it to the w3 consortium first smiling smiley

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