privacy methodology in Gecko 1.9
Posted by: ndebord
Date: July 08, 2009 08:51PM

These posts are an interesting discussion about how private data is used and massaged in the new Gecko engine in FF 3.5 (also SM 2 and later probably KM 1.6).


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Re: privacy methodology in Gecko 1.9
Posted by: Yogi
Date: July 27, 2009 01:40AM


I'm overwhelmed by the carefulness regarding Firefox’s approach to privacy.
To be more specific:
Until now I've shortly tested FF twice since its apparition.
In order to disable/enable the referrer for HTTP (+ HTTPS) users had two options:
1. To download an extension to perform such a basic setting
2. Fiddling with about:config where the search result for referer is rather disguised since for HTTP it is written 'referer' while for HTTPS 'referrer'.
Good luck for the average user grinning smiley
Obviously the referrer string has nothing to do with privacy, from FF's developers perspective at least tongue sticking out smiley
I'm wondering if this is still the case with newer releases since I really don't feel like testing a third time.

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Re: privacy methodology in Gecko 1.9
Posted by: ndebord
Date: July 28, 2009 09:27AM


I've never really looked closely at referrers. I've been more interested in the integration of passwords, cookies, bookmarks and history with the new dBase language that the Moziilla Company has gone with to replace all those different text files (Wallet) that they used before to handle these things.

I've had to go through hoops to try and stop FF 3.5.1 from keeping integrated info on my hard drive whether or not I like it. Privacy is the issue for me.


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