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what a pity
Posted by: isnetus
Date: February 25, 2009 10:33AM

I installed latest version of K-Meleon.But it is a disaster.Uninstalled and I go on using K-Meleon 1.1.6 version.Latest version is more problematic than previous versions.What a pity...(sorry for bad English)

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Re: what a pity
Posted by: disrupted
Date: February 25, 2009 12:12PM

why..what's wrong?
you might have installed 1.5 on top of 1.1.6(dirty install)..this will cause all sorts of problems due to incompatible kplugins.(especially with layers will crash you)
also if you've installed 1.5 to use previous 1.1.6 profile..this will even cause more trouble.

first locate your profile folder(in km click on edit menu>configuration>profile directory)
backup your profile directory.
close kmeleon..delete the old profile or rename it.. just to make sure 1.5.2 won't use the same profile.
now go to k-meleon's folder and rename it as well as a backup
for example, if it's called k-meleon rename to k-meleon116 or kmeleon-old

this way new kmeleon won't install on top of the old folder

now install latest 1.5.2
it should create a new folder with a new profile and all the problems will be gone i assure you.

once you're satisfied everything is working as it should, you can start customising your new 1.5.2 and import your bookmarks from the older profile.

i hope this helps and good luck.

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