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Simulate keyPress
Posted by: QueryAtAll
Date: May 12, 2008 08:32PM

Hi everyone. My website is supported by 12 browsers. We try to reach the world as much as possible. On the website, there is a simple function who's simulate a click on a button. There's only 2 browsers who don't support it : K-Meleon and Avant. This is the reason of my post. To evitate spam complaints, I won't give the URL of my site (some forums are pecky...), if you want it, give me your e-mail and I will give it. My problem is with the same function found on Google main pages.

Informations : 1 textbox, 1 Button (OK). When the user type something in the thexbox and press "enter" on the keyboard, it simulate a click on the OK button. K-Meleon don't do it...

Someone know if there's a way to do it (HTML or javascript), cause I can't find a way do make it happens with k-meleon? Or it's like Avant browser... known as a bug in the browser.


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Re: Simulate keyPress
Posted by: JujuLand
Date: May 12, 2008 08:47PM

Hum, i really don't know how it is possible, because when I enter text here in the textbox and I hit enter (two times), like now

you can see I create two new lines, and that what I'm wanting to do.

To make your feature possible, for example here to preview, I must hit Tab to make Preview button have the focus, and here hitting enter send the preview.

The only way is perhaps a javascript on the page. I don't know another way. Perhaps with css, but I don't know a lot of things about it.


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Re: Simulate keyPress
Posted by: desga2
Date: May 13, 2008 10:39AM

It isn't a bug in K-Meleon as you said, this work in Google web page, if not work in your web, your web code is wrong. You must look Google web page source code.

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