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A couple of small improvements
Posted by: Paul
Date: January 31, 2008 02:11PM

I've switched to KMeleon, it's faster than any of the other browsers I've tried (FF, IE or Opera)

A couple of suggestions. First a small search bar that has the suggested search feature (listing topics close in spelling to yours) and second a single click close layer feature like FF's. You could fit it in next to a smaller URL box. The plugin I've tried create a full width bar down below which takes too much space and does not have the suggested search feature.

I've tried the URL search, it works fine but requires too much thinking (need to click the right button instead of hitting return) Similarly, the keyboard control-G is an extra step. It may seem trivial but simpler is better--I'm one of your senior citizen fans.

Regards and keep up the good works

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