Posted by: Jazagod
Date: August 02, 2006 11:19AM

Hi, I am using the silverbird background for some time, Was fiddling around this morn, and was trying to find or create a black background. Of course the fonts stayed black as well so that was nogood. I was hoping someone could quickly make a black background 4 me, or tell me how to change the font color to a light grey( white and black is too hard on the eyes). Also would like to know how to change the tab colour to black with the light grey font...
Any help would be great grinning smiley

Re: Backgrounds
Posted by: Fred
Date: August 02, 2006 04:30PM

As far as I know both these changes could only be done changing files in
the .jar files of the chrome folder, and is rather difficult to achieve, if
achievable at all, or by creating different browser program components.

Re: Backgrounds
Posted by: guenter
Date: August 02, 2006 07:40PM

The color k-meleon uses for menus is AFAIK the system set color for all programs.
This limitaion is the price for using the native windows widgets.
You can only use Your black bmp and try to change the windows settings.

They can AFAIK not be changed in the .jar files. K-Meleon uses no XUL for the themes. Altering classic.jar or influencing it via a userChrome.css would only alter XUL pages like about:config & abouttongue sticking out smileylugins.

Re: Backgrounds
Posted by: Jazagod
Date: August 03, 2006 10:21AM

Thanks for the responses, I ended up needing to change the windows settings in the end. I really thought that there had to be another way, but No. At least I got to learn about creating cool backgrounds that , is way easier than I thought

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