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Posted by: Yaron Gur
Date: October 08, 2001 01:53PM

Make the "new window" option to have it open as a blank window...

For some reason the directories under my "links" dir, all appear as "links/dirname" instead of just the "dirname" within the favorite bar. Oh, and they aren't sorted either. If you're not going to allow us to position them as we want (like explorer), at least sort them ... (and the links within them, although I think those may be sorted).

There are several cosmetic glitches with you're not using the standard grey colors (try brown for example).

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Re: Suggestions
Posted by: Jeff
Date: October 08, 2001 05:11PM

1) This is already possible, in preferences|display, choose "Open new window to URL" and leave the URL blank, or use "about:blank"

2) I don't use favorites, so I've never noticed this, but I'll have a look.

3) Can you be more specific?

-- Jeff

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Re: Suggestions
Posted by: Yaron Gur
Date: October 08, 2001 06:29PM

Well, one of the colors used in the button is copied as transparent so a brown background shows through the button. I guess someone needs to draw better icons. I might be able to do that if you give me some specs. Possibly slightly larger button sizes.

Secondly, the "lock" graphics on the bottom-right corner doesn't have a transparent background, so it always has a grey background rather than the window color.

But frankly, the fact that the links in the favorite bar isn't being sorted and have the "links" text appended to the beginning is making K-Meleon impossible for me to use since there's no room for them on-screen with all the additional text in the name.

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Re: Suggestions
Posted by: po
Date: October 08, 2001 10:31PM

yeah, the button graphics shouldn't contain any RGB(192,192,192) gray, as this is rendered transparent, but some of them can fix that easily enough (and make your own buttons while you're at it!). the lock icon, on the other hand, is something that arguably needs to be good and visible no matter what the system colors, so having a fixed background on it by default may not be such a bad thing.

--- po

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