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Posted by: Wishmaster
Date: October 06, 2001 11:31AM

One thing I like about IE that Mozilla and K-Meleon doesn't have have is that Ctrl-Enter adds a www. and .com. For example, I want to go to, all I have to do is type "yahoo" then Ctrl-Enter.

Another thing is that the visited links doesn't have a different color than the unvisited ones.

Lastly, the reason Netscape 6 / Mozilla looked good is *not* because of the skin.. it's because of the tint. Take a pure white page (255,255,255) and compare Netscape 6 / Mozilla and the rest of the browsers, you'll notice that it's not pure white.. it has a little tint in it. That's what makes it looked sooo damn good. I think K-Melon can have this little tint too since it's also using the Gecko engine.

I've tried IE, Netscape 6 / Mozilla, Opera and K-Melon and K is my fav. browser.

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Re: 3 Suggestions
Posted by: Andrew
Date: October 06, 2001 03:17PM

Visited links don't have a different color because of a bug in the embedded version of Mozilla. However, there is a workaround for that. See:

The files you need are posted here:

Copy the files into the components directory in Program Files\K-Meleon\...

Also, they are working on a fix for that bug so hopefully, that will be ready by the next release of K-Meleon.


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