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Go button
Posted by: Tom
Date: October 04, 2001 11:58PM

How about a go button?

But not just any old go button. Oh no.

A super charged mega elite go button!

You have a button split into go and a drop-down menu button to the right of it (like the back and forward buttons in IE). On the menu, you have...

* Go to url (default)
* Go to url in new window
* Go to url on clipboard
* <user customizable search engines>

...where the clipboard option grabs whatever is in on the clipboard and goes to it, and the search engines use whatever text is the url bar.

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Re: Go button
Posted by: po
Date: October 05, 2001 03:36AM

that goes way beyond my idea of a combined Go/Refresh button...

sounds neat.


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Re: Go button
Posted by: Suppafly
Date: October 25, 2001 06:49AM

well i was gonna say something about how a go button is stupid because you can just hit enter after you type the url in.. but the rest of your idea is kinda interesting..

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