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Posted by: Fulvio
Date: October 02, 2001 05:49PM

There have been requests to make the toolbars frendlier,but I cannot see that the answer solved anything.So:1.Bookmarks and Favorites cannot be managed(edited) in a way that is helpful.Yes,Favorites can be renamed,but what appears in the Edit page and what appears are two different beasts.Looking more closely,I can see the same problem which was shown in NS6.1 and possibly later Mozillas.The only way to edit and show on the toolbar was to have the items Unsorted. If they where A-Z(or Z-A),like they are found in K-meleon,nothing happens.The problem here is that there is no choice to sort or not.Favorites are no different. Renaming in Favorites works,but I could do nothing like renaming with Bookmarks.
What is the meaning of HTML editor,which is default in the list of items to add. From my only experience,it makes k-meleon as Default browser,not bad by itself,but I like
to know what is meant,and I want to know that k-meleon deserves to be my default browser. Different nomenclature is what trapped a lot of people with that wretched NS6.0 in to making it the default browser.
Unless you know what is happening,downloads management can be troublesome.I did not see any obvious way of choosing.Fortunately I knew the name of the file,but I would have never guessed where it went.
But the Bookmark management has to be improved,and the order of showing them is

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