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automatic proxy-authenticatin
Posted by: anders
Date: July 02, 2001 01:19PM


Let K-Meleon be the first gui-browser in this world to automatically send authentication to the proxy at startup; or at least make it an option. I don't recon there are many people using more than one proxy at a time and it's pretty annoying to write that dumb name+passwd all he the time. So let us add proxy-username + password in the proxy settings. Lynx can do this at the command line, so you can do it, too! maybe you should store name+passwd in an encryted file, just for 'fun'...

thanks a 100000000+ times for the lovely browser!
-anders, dk

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Re: automatic proxy-authenticatin
Posted by: Quake
Date: July 02, 2001 08:01PM

Or can someone write a plugin that can do this?

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