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Bookmarks and favorites
Posted by: Ironfroggy
Date: June 06, 2001 02:46PM

Thats annoying. Just make K-Meleon handle its own bookmarks, with optional (and seperate from K-Meleon) tools to bring IE and Netscape bookmarks and favorites to K-Meleon, and even the other way around. It's just stupid to have them like this. Especially if you ever plan to have anyone use only K-Meleon, which I could see myself doing. But, I'd like to get rid of Netscape and IE then! Can't do that and still have bookmarks as things are.

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Re: Bookmarks and favorites
Posted by: Jeff
Date: June 06, 2001 03:07PM

You're not really meant to use them *both*. If you want to abandon IE and NS, grab a utility to convert your IE favorites to bookmarks, and then merge that file with your existing NS bookmarks, et voila, one set of bookmarks. After that, you can file down the sectors of your hard disk where the favorites.dll plugin was saved, and be rid of it forever.

-- Jeff

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