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Posted by: Jay
Date: May 29, 2001 04:50PM

I tried K-Meleon... very nice, but I have gotten VERY VERY addicted to forward and back button on my intellimouse explorer. Great Mouse (5 button w/ scroll wheel). could you add mouse bindings?

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Re: intellimouse....
Posted by: Brian
Date: May 29, 2001 10:36PM

How does windows communicate send mouse 4/5 to the window?

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Re: send mouse 4/5
Posted by: Mark Robertson
Date: May 31, 2001 07:46PM

The 4 and 5 buttons use the following code, in MediaWorld 2001 Scripting Code:

on.mouseAction.windowsDefault ("button2.button2")
do.mouseAction.windowsDefault ("default.button4")
on.mouseAction.windowsDefault ("button1.button4")
do.mouseAction.windowsDefault ("default.button5")

do.defVariable.windowsDefault ("default.button4")
get.fileMwi.windowsDefault ("intelliscroll.mwi")
do.comMwi.windowsDefault ("intelli_fnct_4")

do.defVariable.windowsDefault ("default.button5")
get.fileMwi.windowsDefault ("intelliscroll.mwi")
do.comMwi.windowsDefault ("intelli_fnct_5")

This will result in accurate use of the Mouse 4/5 Buttons and Scroll Bar (Intelliscroll.mwi MediaWorld Includer is required for Functions).

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Re: send mouse 4/5
Posted by: alessandro ronchi
Date: May 31, 2001 09:44PM

How can I use the wheel of my mouse with kmeleon? it's a great browser, but that's a great lack!

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Re: send mouse 4/5
Posted by: scratch
Date: June 02, 2001 09:14PM

the wheel of your mouse should work automatically with kmeleon, at least it does for me.

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