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image ALT and DIV title tooltips
Posted by: Bryan S. Katz
Date: May 17, 2001 08:56PM

those little tooltips containing hte ALT text for images and the title attribute text for div blocks currently aren't shown.

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Re: image ALT and DIV title tooltips - NO
Posted by: paddy
Date: May 18, 2001 06:38AM

Correction ...

The alternate text, ALT, is supposed to show when the image can't be loaded, not when it can. It was IE that came up with the bright idea to display them as tooltips.

TITLE on the other hand should be displayed. In what way isn't specified, but guess a tooltip is the only realistic way. It can be applied to most elements and isn't an alternative to ALT as one might believe. It's perfectly OK to have both ALT and TITLE in an IMG tag. Even IE will display TITLE if both are present.

End of HTML lesson. ;)

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